16 Dec 2016

7 Useful Google Chrome Shortcuts

7 Useful Google Chrome Shortcuts

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + T – Reopens a previously closed tab within a window.
  2. CTRL + L – Move the cursor to the address bar
  3. ALT + Left/Right Arrow – Go forward or back a page
  4. CTRL + 1-8 – Cycle to the corresponding tab
  5. CTRL + SHIFT + O – Opens bookmark manager
  6. CTRL + SHIFT + B – Toggle bookmark bar display
  7. F11 – Toggle full screen view
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30 Sep 2015

Important Elements on a Business Website

A business website should accurately represent the business that owns it – a site can say more about a brand than you realize. There are many different elements it needs to be effective, like a great design and unique, quality content to name a couple. But what are the most important elements that you simply shouldn’t launch a site without? This post will tell you!

1. User Friendly, Logical Navigation The amount of sites that miss out this element and then miss out on traffic and conversions is truly saddening. If your navigation isn’t user friendly/logical, you can’t expect a visitor to stay on your site for too long. Chances are they’re going to get annoyed when they can’t find their way around, and go straight over to one of your competitor’s sites! You don’t want that, do you?

2. A Compelling “About us” Page The ‘about us’ page needs to be compelling for the reader, so make sure you know your target audience. You need to show who you really are rather than just spout off facts; share your company values, include pictures, tell people how you can help them, give examples of how you’ve helped others, and lastly, inject some personality into it!

3. Easy to Access Contact Information If your contact information is hidden deep within the content of your site, you can’t expect many inquiries, or any feedback. Somebody may even have the intention of contacting you with a fantastic business opportunity, and you could miss out all because you haven’t made your contact information easy to find.

4. A Mobile Friendly Design Mobile internet is getting more popular by the day, and many users are even shunning the use of internet on a laptop or computer to browse on their mobiles. You really don’t want to miss out on all of this traffic, which you will if a user tries to find you, only to land on a jumbled up, nonsensical homepage. With a mobile site, you need to strip your original site down to the most important information, and make it easy to scroll through/look at. Call us today to get your website mobile ready!

5. Well Chosen Images Images always draw a person into reading something more, no matter what it is. Your images need to be vibrant and clear, preferably taken with a high quality camera to get the best effect. Ask us about our in-house photography services!

6. Clear ‘Calls to Action’ Your calls to action are the part of your site that encourage visitors to become a conversion, whether you’re looking for more email addresses, newsletter sign ups, sales, or completed surveys. Many businesses find that their calls to action do much better when placed ‘above the fold’ – the first part of the website you see when you click on to it, without scrolling down. Your calls to action should be large and attractive enough to warrant a click, placed strategically throughout your website.

7. A Blog Blogs have become a huge part of any great marketing campaign, so it’s essential that you have one on your business website. If you share helpful information, useful knowledge, and unique, high quality content, you could develop a loyal readership and suddenly find yourself as an authority in your industry. People will come back to your site when they want to learn more about a relevant subject, and may even share your blog posts with friends/family, increasing your brand awareness.

8. Social Media Integration There are over 1.3 billion people using the biggest social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, alone. Then you’ve got popular sites like the photo sharing platforms Instagram/Pinterest, the professional LinkedIn, and plenty more to choose from. To decide what social media platforms are best for your business if you haven’t already, work out where your target audience are most likely to be spending their time and focus on perhaps 2 platforms (more if you have the time/staff). You can then make sure you have social media integration on your business website, making it very simple for visitors to check out your social media platforms, follow you/like you, and share any content that they deem amazing! Call us today about getting your business seen on social media!

Again, this increases your brand awareness and will more than likely result in more traffic and conversions. Many campaigns go viral with social media, but you must be consistent in your efforts! It’s no good posting sporadically – you need to work out the times your target audience will be most active (Breakfast? On their lunch break? Before bed?) and post strategically at those times to get maximum exposure.

Include the above elements in your business site if you want to guarantee the best results!

Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/

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23 Aug 2015

10 Domain Names and Their Origin

  1. .com– Its name is derived from the word commercial. Introduced in 1985.
  2. .net– The name is derived from network. Introduced the same year as .com.
  3. .org– The name is truncated from organization. Introduced in 1985.
  4. .tk– This domain name is the Internet country code top-level domain for Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific. Introduced in 1997.
  5. .eu– .eu is the country code top-level domain or the European Union. Introduced in 2005.
  6. .co– The domain name is the Internet country code top-level domain assigned to Colombia. Introduced in 1991, but without registration restrictions it is available for anyone to register since 2010.
  7. .us– .us is the Internet country code top-level domain for the United States. Introduced in 1985.
  8. .biz– It is intended for registration of domains to be used by businesses. Introduced in 2001.
  9. .me– .me is the Internet country code top-level domain for Montenegro. Replaced the .yu (Yugoslavia) domain. Introduced in 2006.
  10. .it – This domain name is the Internet country code top-level domain for Italy. Introduced in 1987.
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15 Jul 2015

12 Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

12 Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Win + Shift + Icon – Open a new instance of a program.
  2. Win + D – This shortcut clears away everything and shows the desktop.
  3. Shift + Ctrl + N – Create new folder.
  4. Win + E – Open Windows Explorer where you can browse files on your PC.
  5. Win + F – Search for files and folders.
  6. Alt + PrtSc – Take a screenshot of the currently active window.
  7. Ctrl + Y – Used to redo the task that is just undone (e.g. with the well known Ctrl + Z shortcut).
  8. Alt + Tab – Quickly change between the running programs. Win + Tab does the same but with a fancy effect.
  9. Ctrl+A – Select everything.
  10. Win + Arrows – Define the direction and Windows will resize and place your active window there. For example Win + Left Arrow will place the active program window to the left-half of the desktop screen. Up will maximize, Down will minimize the window.
  11. Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Instead of pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, use this shortcut to directly open Task Manager.
  12. Win + Plus or Minus Sign – Zoom in or zoom out.
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17 Jun 2015

Domain Name Tips

There are about 135,418,220 registered domain names in the world. When selecting a domain name, it is near impossible to find your exact company name. There can be many different variations of your company name, but how do you know if you are selecting a memorable or easy to type domain name? Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a new domain name:

  • Ever tried to type in a URL without the www at the beginning (e.g. www.cybsolutions.com)? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. The www at the beginning or your domain name is a sub-domain…Call us and we can ensure your website will function both with and without this sub-domain.
  • Want more traffic to your site? You may want to purchase your domain name with different extensions. Most of the general public only recognize .com, .net, and .org. If you’re interested, let us know and we can check for other top-level domains (TLDs) that would work with your site.
  • Plain and Simple – Avoid using hyphens in your domain name. It can be difficult for a potential client to remember you have a hyphen (e.g. cybsolutions.com versus cyb-solutions.com). If you have a company name that is hyphenated, you could purchase the hyphenated version of our domain name and have it forward to your company site…this would be just in case someone types in the domain name with the hyphen, they will be redirected to your site without the hyphen.
  • Gone Mobile? Want to? You could register/reserve the sub-domain called m (e.g. m.cybsolutions.com) for mobile devices. This has become a common web design convention. As a client, it would be cheaper to add the m as a sub-domain than it would be to purchase the commonly used .mobi extension. Call us to learn how (864-328-2370).
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