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Cybercrime Now Reaching The $7 Trillion Mark


New Statistics About Cyber Theft

One of the newest problems that businesses are experiencing is cyber-crime. Every day another company gets hit with malware or a ransomware virus. Even small businesses are now a target for hackers. The reason? They simply aren’t prepared. They don’t have the best network security and their employees haven’t been trained.

In this Forbes article, “The True Cost Of Cybercrime For Businesses,” it’s clear that this problem will not just go away anytime soon. The only thing business owners can do is prepare for the worst. With the cost of one data breach now between $1 million and $3 million, there’s no room for error.

New Reports Show That Cybercrime Costs The Average Business $15 Million A Year?

Whether you get hit with a data breach or not, all companies now share the burden of cybercrimes. That’s because businesses must heighten their security measures. One of the biggest changes you can make is employee training. Your staff should know exactly what a data breach is and how they occur. You need employees who can recognize a phishing email and delete it at once. Does your staff know what a Spear-Phishing attack is?

Layered Security Protection

Your company also needs a layered security approach that addresses each area where hackers could break in and cause damage. Your network security must be monitored and updated on a regular basis. Your employees must get in the habit of creating much stronger passwords. Software patches and updates should be installed immediately.

When business owners take a proactive approach to their data security, they’re much less likely to be attacked. Below are twelve great ways to keep your network safe from intruders:

  1. A bundled security solution that encompasses an anti-virus solution, intrusion prevention firewall, data encryption, email and web protection.
  2. Security Awareness Training to educate your staff on security awareness which is crucial to your data privacy. (For some organizations, this is required in order to comply with federal and state regulations.)
  3. Solutions that help you comply with HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, FISMA, PCI or DSS, and many other regulations.
  4. Security that promotes extensive visibility, increased compliance, rapid response, and the ability to manage vulnerabilities and cyber threats across your entire enterprise.
  5. Protection for laptops, PCs, tablets, servers, and other computer devices such as point-of-sale machines, using continuous cloud-based updates.
  6. Mobile Device Monitoring with security for your mobile devices and support for your BYOD (bring your own device) so your workforce can use their own devices without security worries.
  7. Remote monitoring and management of your network and computers to detect intrusions and block them before criminals can steal your data.
  8. Customized solutions that meet your business’s unique requirements and ensure that cyber threats don’t go undetected.
  9. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking to reveal how effective your security measures are.
  10. An enterprise, cloud-based Backup, and Disaster-Recovery Service, so your data is always secure and retrievable. We’ll perform hourly backups to a remote location without human intervention, with logging and alerting that notifies us of not just failures, but the absence of successes. This is a very important distinction.
  11. Audit trails that provide detailed information about who accessed records and when.
  12. Security risk assessments to assess and identify vulnerabilities, then modify your overall security posture.

The Evolution of Hacking

The biggest threat about data breaches is the fact that hackers work hard each day. They constantly develop new scams. They learn from their mistakes. Then they create even more effective campaigns to steal your data. Cyber-attacks are evolving. They’ve become much more sophisticated. And these aren’t lazy young people looking for a quick buck.

Many hackers today are backed by a government like China or Russia. These governments are earning millions of dollars a year by stealing your data, then holding it hostage till you pay the ransom. At the moment, there’s no international policing authority that can stop them or hold these hackers accountable for their crimes. The only thing business owners can do is to prepare and prepare well.

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