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Cyber Solutions cuts customer monthly phone bill by $900



How much is your business phone bill?

It’s not unusual for most major business carriers to charge their customers $800 a month or more.  What are you getting for that? You’re probably getting service using old analog systems, with limited functionality, and excessive long-distance phone charges.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What if there was a way to lower your monthly phone bills and upgrade your phone systems, for less than your existing monthly phone bill? What if you could upgrade the way you do business and save money at the same time? What if you could do all this and make your customers happier too?

With a free evaluation from Cyber Solutions, we’ll look at your current phone system and your monthly phone bill and, in most cases, Cyber Solutions can save you money.

How much can Cyber Solutions save me?

We’re so glad you asked! It’s not unusual for a phone system with Cyber Solutions to save a business over $200 a month for the first 4 years and then save over $550 a month. Cyber Solutions phone systems typically include a 4-year lease-to-own option for new appliances on your desk, that offer the latest and greatest that VoIP has to offer and come with a 5-year warranty. Add a Cyber Solutions unlimited long-distance VoIP phone service, and a prior $800+ monthly phone bill could become less than $600. And, that’s just for the first 4 years. After 4 years, the monthly phone bill could be as low as $250 per month. That’s a $550 savings a month for most Cyber Solutions customers! And, that’s just the direct cost savings. There are indirect cost savings and benefits to having a VoIP phone system with Cyber Solutions too!

What sort of indirect cost savings and benefits are we talking about?

Great question! This is where it gets really exciting! Old analog systems have limitations, but with a phone system through Cyber Solutions, you can do almost anything imaginable. We’ll cover just a few of our most requested features here.

Most Cyber Solutions customers really enjoy the voicemail to email function which allows them to see, listen, and save their voicemails in locations that are convenient to them. They appreciate that they can keep their voicemail in their email and forward them, just like emails.  It’s refreshing to know that if a client calls to say that they did a great job, then they can easily forward the voicemail to everyone on the team all at once, so they all can enjoy the appreciation of a job well done. Managers appreciate that if they receive a voicemail regarding the performance of one of their staff, they can save it and have the employee listen to it and discuss it during their review period, for praise or constructive feedback.

Businesses with traveling staff really enjoy the Follow Me Ring feature. This feature is programmed to ring the desk phone, then ring the cell phone. If it’s not answered, it goes back to the voicemail at the desk. This allows staff to keep their personal voicemail and business voicemail separate, but still be able accept calls on the go.

Businesses in multiple locations like to keep all their customers happy, no matter where their offices are located. They want to make sure there is always someone available to answer the phone when a customer calls, and don’t want to have to remember to set up Call Forwarding every time they step away from their desk for a potty break or a quick snack. Not only can Call Forwarding get expensive when crossing over counties, states, and even countries, but it’s difficult, if not impossible, to manage on a daily basis. With a Cyber Solutions phone system, businesses can have a phone tree in which calls ring one location and if there is no answer, they can be programmed to automatically ring another location, and another location, and another…

Typically, businesses with offices in multiple states like to work together often and it’s not uncommon for a long-distance phone bill, just to talk to another office in the same company, to be as much as $1500 a month, or more. With a Cyber Solutions phone system, businesses like this set up a 3-digit dial service that completely eliminates these long-distance charges. That’s a phenomenal savings for them!

Staff that move often enjoy that they can take their desk phone, put it in a different location, and it works the same as it did before.

Ready to save some money and upgrade your phone system?

Give us a call at Cyber Solutions and we’ll do a free evaluation to see what we can do upgrade your phone system and save you money every month.

See what our customers and clients have to say about our phone systems.

Converting to a phone system with Cyber Solutions saved us over $900 in a given month.  That was a huge savings for our company!

Between South Carolina and Georgia, we have 4 locations. Having a phone system with Cyber Solutions allowed us to have direct conversations between offices. We can pick a user in any location, as if they are in the next office, and they can actually be in another state. This is a huge cost savings for us.

We also enjoy the ability to receive calls, from any location, from anywhere, and then transfer that call to the appropriate location, as needed. For example, if a customer calls our Anderson, SC office and nobody in Anderson answers, then another location can answer the call and easily transfer it to where they can best serve the needs of the customer. Basically, the primary location rings and if they can’t handle the call, then it rings at another location and we’re able to pick it up. This helps us a lot with our customer relationships because our missed calls rate is now few to none and the customer gets what they need.

Not only does Cyber Solutions handle our phone systems, but they also handle our I.T. services too. They are always available and respond very quickly to our needs to keep us in the best productive scenario we can be in.

Having Cyber Solutions handle our phone systems and I.T. needs has been a real asset to us with regard to our customer relationships and saving money and running a business.

Jeff Owens, General Manager, McGee Heating and Air

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