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Is Your Housing Authority In SC Using Emphasys Software?


Emphasys Software offers a wide variety of software solutions and services to public housing authorities (PHAs), housing finance agencies (HFAs), local governments, real estate organizations, and financial lenders.

After being formed in 2000 through a merger between the two leading vendors of housing software, Emphasys acquired companies that helped them to grow into the distinct industries it’s composed of today.

Emphasys says that they are the largest full-service provider to serve the public housing, housing finance, and redevelopment marketplace.

Emphasys has actually been helping Housing Authorities since 1976. Their Public Housing Authority division offers a suite of software applications including the following:

MYHOUSING is an all-in-one service solution that manages and automates three key areas of housing – online waiting lists, applicant information and the recertification process.

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) / SECTION 8: This Housing Choice Voucher module provides a complete workflow design that allows agencies to streamline day-to-day processes through automation.

Its complete workflow design automates day-to-day processes. You can easily issue vouchers, track increment funding, and submit 50058’s. And the Suite includes all of HUD’s required forms to ensure compliance.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: This allows you to automate manual tasks such as housing offers, unit matching, rent runs, correspondence tracking and validating certifications and submitting 50058s.

MOBILE INSPECTIONS: This handheld system saves inspectors time by allowing them to enter data while in the field.

TOUCH PRODUCTS: Touch Products can be conveniently accessed through a handheld device and gives inspectors the freedom to complete their job while on the go.

PORTAL PRODUCTS: These can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or kiosk to make gathering public housing information quick and easy.

GRANTS MANAGEMENT: Create, implement and track grants, plans (projects) and contracts within one comprehensive system.

PAYROLL / HR: This is a fully integrated human resources, benefits administration and payroll system. It can be configured to reflect your business practices and processes.

ADMIN SUITE: Comprised of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Book and General Ledger, you can use the Admin Suite to optimize your decision making process and accounting.

HQS Inspections (Including HQS Touch Mobile Inspections): The Elite HQS Inspections system provides a complete workflow design that allows housing authorities to streamline day-to-day processes through automation.

Manual processes such as generating quality assurance inspections, producing correspondence, tracking, inspection history, scheduling appointments, and automatic re-inspections can be automated with the Elite HQS Inspections solution.

Inspections can also be completed while in the field using the HQS Mobile Touch solution and the results are updated in the Elite HCV Suite of modules automatically, eliminating the time to hand write the inspection results and then perform data entry of the results once the inspector returns to the office.

The Housing Choice Voucher Suite: HCV Financials (including AP, AR, Bank Book) The Elite HCV Financials is comprised of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Bank Book. The Core system allows users to optimize their decision-making process and to streamline accounting with flexible account and allocation definitions, automated transaction processing for performing program-centric, centralized, or project-based accounting across multiple funds and multiple fiscal years.

Family Self-Sufficiency: The Elite Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) module is more than just a data collection tool for the HUD 50058, it is designed to assist your agency in the administration of a successful FSS program. Elite FSS helps your agency monitor family services, track correspondence and communications, track financial data, calculate escrow payments and interest proration, process payments, and much more.

Rent Reasonableness: The Elite Rent Reasonableness module is designed to store and organize the information gathered in surveys of unsubsidized housing. This information can then be used in evaluating potential program units. The module is easy to use and offers tremendous flexibility during setup, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific needs. Users can then perform accurate unit comparisons by a variety of methods and under a variety of assumption sets.

Waiting List: The Elite Waiting List module manages the initial stages of placing persons in assisted housing by collecting applicant data, making eligibility determinations and drawing names from the lists. The Elite Waiting List can handle multiple waiting lists for Section 8 and Low Income Public Housing programs, as well as any other programs that your agency manages. In addition, it meets HUD Fairness

Standards, determining applicant date and time.

The Housing Choice Voucher Housing Suite Includes:

  • HCV
  • HCV Financials
  • Waiting List
  • Batch Correspondence
  • Scheduler
  • Notification Engine
  • Report Wizard
  • Wordlink
  • Rent Reasonableness
  • HQS Inspections (Host)
  • MTW (Moving to Work)
  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

Add-ons Include:

  • WebApp
  • Applicant Portal
  • Certifications Online (Streamline)
  • Online Work Order (eRes Work Order)
  • Executive Portal
  • Landlord Portal (Partner Portal)
  • RAD (PBV)
  • HQS Touch
  • Document Imaging (eDocs)
  • Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR)
  • Certification Generator
  • Address Management
  • Schoolhouse Videos

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