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Employee Spotlight: Steve Mears


Meet Steve Mears, Business Development Manager for Cyber Solutions, Inc., one of the top MSPs in the world. Steve has over 24 years of dynamic professional I.T. experience, giving him the unique ability to assist any business with their technology needs. Steve specializes in all things related to IT and VoIP services, with a primary focus on assisting businesses, with 5 to 125 users, put a plan together to increase productivity and identify ways they can save money, while using the latest and greatest technology, along with the award-winning services provided by Cyber Solutions.

With over 10 years at Cyber Solutions, Steve has worked with countless businesses, helping to create viable plans for all their IT needs. Prior to working at Cyber Solutions, Steve gained hands on experience as an IT Manager for over 3 years, managing computers and servers in multiple sites over 3 counties, as well as supervising IT security protocols, developing back-up procedures, and negotiating vendor contracts. As a Project Manager for 8 years, Steve has the demonstrated skills to easily guide any business through developing plans to improve their current technology and phone services.

Working with Steve, potential clients have the opportunity to work with a CompTIA A+ Certified IT professional to learn how they can spend less time and money on their technology and phone system needs, so they can spend more time building their business. Steve understands that some businesses have proprietary industry specific software that must remain in place, so they can remain in business. Steve provides easy solutions, through vendor management, that allow these businesses to save time while still using their preferred software and vendors. If you’re thinking about hiring a full time IT professional, Steve suggests you call him first, because after a brief review of your needs, he can save you half of what you’d spend hiring someone and he can provide you more than twice the service you’d receive, without overtime pay and lost time due to vacations and sick days.

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