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Is Your Technology Up To Par?


Optimum-functioning technology is critical for Water Authorities in South Carolina. When technology fails, you can’t provide the services your residents need.

Do What The SCRWA Does – Look to Cyber Solutions For Your IT Needs


Well-managed and maintained information technology solutions are essential, as is an IT company that knows what you require.  We do – Water authorities in SC and Myrtle Beach know that Cyber Solutions will keep their technology “up to par.”


The Federal Government Warns That Hackers Are Targeting Water Authorities


What Would Happen If A Virus Infected Your Network? 


Imagine this scenario… (Believe it or not this really happened.)


Malware infected a water district in South Carolina. Unfortunately, they didn’t know because their IT system wasn’t being monitored properly by their onsite tech guy.


So, what happened? The infection worked its way through their network and threatened to lock down their data.


In desperation, the director contacted Cyber Solutions. We found the infection and removed it.


Today we act as their outsourced IT experts, and we monitor their network remotely 24/7 to ensure this never happens again.  We also provide the cybersecurity services required to prevent breaches and keep their technology running reliably and securely.


What Could Have Happened If We Didn’t Come In And Stop The Virus?


Here’s a frightening scenario…


If the computer system at your water treatment facility was infected with a virus, it could cause it to malfunction.  Toxic chemicals could be introduced into your water system. This is a nightmare that could happen.


Federal government officials are urging water utilities to pay more attention to the rising threat of cyberattacks.


Hackers Around The World Are Targeting Water Authorities


Did you know that a water utility in Europe was hit by a cyberattack?


This also happened to a water utility in Springfield, Illinois.


And yet another incident at a water treatment plant was reported by Verizon. (The water authority wanted to remain anonymous.)


Investigators said they discovered four separate connections by hackers over a 60-day period:


“In at least two instances, they managed to manipulate the system and thus handicap water treatment and production capabilities so that the recovery time to replenish water supplies increased,” Verizon said in its data breach report. “Fortunately, based on alert functionality, KWC was able to quickly identify and reverse the chemical and flow changes, largely minimizing the impact on customers.”


Verizon said the attackers probably didn’t know how the flow control system worked. But that the attack could have had far more serious consequences if hackers had more time and knowledge.


Are You Protected?  Is Your IT System “Up To Par?” 


  • Can you identify potential entry points where hackers can get in?
  • Have you performed Simulated Attacks to test the security of your network?
  • Are you regularly conducting Penetration Testing to find vulnerabilities in your IT system?
  • Are your Firewalls configured properly?
  • Do you have an Intrusion-Detection System that remotely monitors your network 24/7?
  • What about endpoint protection, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware?
  • Do your employees know what phishing emails look like? Do you provide regular Security Awareness Training for them?


What Should You Do?


Ensure your water authority gets technology service and support from experienced, certified IT professionals who understand your requirements. Do what the SCRWA does. Look to Cyber Solutions in Upstate South Carolina.


We specialize in providing up-to-date, cost-effective, and secure technology solutions designed to keep your IT operations running, and costs under control.


Our Technology Specialists Can:


  • Coordinate IT activities with your staff to ensure technology stays up and running.


  • Keep your technology costs within budget with our fixed-fee services.


  • Provide backup and disaster-recovery solutions to securely store, monitor and retrieve your data no matter the circumstance.


  • Advise on long- and short-term technology planning and recommend

technologies that will meet your current and future needs.


  • Manage the design, testing, migration, procurement, implementation and maintenance of the hardware, software, security solutions, and mobile technologies needed to achieve your mission.


  • Liaison with other technology and communication vendors to save you time, headaches and money.


When it comes to technology leaks, most Water Authorities in South Carolina understand the importance of using an IT Services Company that specializes in what they do.  Without a reliable and secure IT system, they would fail to operate. Our communities depend on clean water – so this just can’t happen.  Cyber Solutions is here to help.


Don’t waste time with IT companies that don’t have the required experience working with Water Authorities in South Carolina. 


Contact the technology experts the SCWRA relies on.  When you do, you’ll be convinced that Cyber Solutions should be your trusted IT contractor.


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