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Has Your Tech Ever Left You In “Hot Water?”


Regional Water Authorities Across South Carolina Are “Canning” Their Techs And Partnering With Cyber Solutions

Some techs can’t keep up with all the changes in technology. So, how can they keep your IT systems running efficiently so your employees remain productive? Why take this chance when you have an IT Partner here in SC who can guarantee 99.9% uptime?

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Your computer systems run so slowly that your employees can’t get their work done. Or, perhaps your system totally shuts down without any warning. One water authority in South Carolina “pulled the plug” on their IT company and hired us because their previous tech couldn’t resolve problems like these. Now they’re using our IT Managed Services that include remote monitoring to detect issues before they cause computing problems.

Lesson Learned: Some computer support companies lack the skills to ensure water authorities have properly running hardware and software.

Don’t Settle For This – You Need An IT Partner Who Can Keep Your Systems Up And Running

With remote monitoring and maintenance, we’ll know that your system needs attention before you experience any issues. We’ll update and patch your applications and operating systems when required. And our experts will ensure you have the right solutions in place to keep your system and computers running at peak performance.

Our professionals possess years of experience providing exemplary IT Services and Support for Water Authorities throughout South Carolina. 

One of our specialists will meet with you to analyze your operations and develop a plan to keep your employees productive. Cyber Solutions offers a variety of IT products and services that will meet your requirements and your budget. We understand that affordable, efficient technology is mandatory for water authorities in SC.

We know that superior IT service is about providing value and reliability that keeps your employees working as efficiently as possible. 

Plus, unlike other IT companies that provide cookie-cutter solutions, our services are custom-designed according to your exact needs.  We know that you operate on a strict budget. Your systems must be designed with the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Our Spectrum of IT Services Includes:

  • Managed IT Services: A properly designed and managed IT system increases your productivity. We’ll install, implement, and maintain technology solutions that provide the reliability you need.
  • Desktop & User Care: Downtime and interruptions due to outdated and underperforming workstations reduce your efficiencies. We work with the leading computer manufacturers to provide proven and efficient-running desktops.
  • Computer Repair: Performance of computers is greatly reduced over time due to the accumulation of spyware, unnecessary files, disorganized hard drives, and worst of all, viruses. With ongoing maintenance and necessary repairs, we can keep your PCs running smoothly.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery: We offer remote, secure offsite backups to ensure you can always access and recover your data no matter whether it’s accidentally deleted, lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Telephony/VoIP: You must provide an exceptional experience every time someone calls. Choosing the right telephony solution is extremely important for improving customer service. This is where Voice over Internet Protocol systems excel.
  • Hosted Exchange Email: With our Hosted Exchange Email, you and your employees can securely exchange emails, and keep calendars, notes global address books, public folders in sync. Our Hosted Email Service is a customizable, affordable, and high-performing solution you can depend on.
  • Cabling & Wiring: Structured Cabling is essential for any organization that uses computer devices. It connects your computers, servers, and peripherals to the Internet and your intranet. Unless it’s designed and installed properly, you could face IT interruptions, slow service, and downtime.
  • Cloud IT Solutions: Cloud computing and mobility can increase your employee’s productivity. Some SC water authorities once worried that utilizing the Cloud wasn’t secure. This is no longer the case. They are now embracing the Cloud. The ability to access on-demand computing and programs makes it easier for them to run operations without expending resources to build and maintain IT software and hardware.
  • Security: Technology has transformed the way you work for the better. However, you must ensure it remains secure and constantly monitored, or your data could be at risk.  
  • Consulting Services: Our consultants will work with you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of your infrastructure, technology history, applications, and IT management landscape to realign and improve your organization’s IT operations with the best, most cost-effective technology solutions.
  • Virtual CIO Services:  The Virtual CIOs at Cyber Solutions, Inc. are seasoned professionals who can provide the direction and management your water authority requires to succeed in today’s technology-driven environment.
  • Mobile Device Management: With today’s proliferation of mobile device use and BYOD (bring your own device), you need secure mobile device solutions. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures your workforce uses their devices in a secure and controlled manner.  Plus, we can protect your data whether it’s deployed across multiple mobile service providers or on a variety of mobile operating systems.
  • IT Vendor Management: Other water authorities know that outsourcing versus using in-house IT support makes sense. Outsourcing IT service and support saves you money, time, and management headaches.  Plus, we can coordinate all your technology needs, including projects performed by outside vendors.
  • Hardware Procurement: With our cost-effective equipment procurement, you can achieve your goals while eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  • Virtualization Technologies: Server virtualization has recently gained in popularity, with the number of users nearly doubling in the past five years. Virtualization partitions your physical servers into smaller virtual ones and immediately maximizes your server resources. We can tell you more about this and the additional benefits it provides.

Ensure your water authority gets technology, service, and support from experienced, certified IT professionals who won’t leave you in “hot water.” Look to Cyber Solutions in South Carolina.

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