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Lindsey Software For Housing Authorities
[2019 Insights]


Are You Familiar With Lindsey Software For Housing Authorities?

Here’s What You Need To Know

Lindsey says that they provide the most comprehensive housing management software available on the public housing market today. They have been serving Housing Authorities since 1959.

Lindsey Software Systems is a comprehensive, customizable suite of online property management tools for tenant applications, payments and maintenance requests with work orders. It includes software modules for Accounting, Maintenance, Mobile Solutions, Occupancy and Security.

Accounting: Lindsey’s accounting modules provide an easy way to manage tenant collections. They include:

  • Excess Utilities
  • Fixed Assets
  • FDS
  • FDS-AT
  • General Ledger
  • Lockbox
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipt System
  • Tenant Accounts Receivable
  • Time Clock Interface
  • Utility Consumption Tracking

Maintenance: These modules make it easy and affordable to work “on-the-go.” They provide HQS and low-rent inspection systems, an inventory module, and work orders. The maintenance system can be integrated with other Lindsey modules.

The HQS Inspection System is integrated with Tenant & Applicant Processing so you can easily schedule appointments, conduct inspections on your handheld units and automatically print letters for tenants and landlords based on your inspectors’ input. You can also synchronize the Module with Lindsey’s other Software.

Sync your letters with the HQS Inspection form to automatically print them. The HQS Inspection System is available for iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. You can purchase it as a stand-alone module to schedule appointments, perform inspections on handheld units and automatically print letters to tenants and landlords based on inspector input.

The Low-Rent Inspection System Module lets your inspectors inspect units using a mobile device. Just like the HQS System, the Low-Rent Inspection System integrates with Tenant & Applicant Processing, so you can schedule appointments, perform inspections on handheld units and automatically print inspections letters.

The Work Order Module is fast and easy to use. It’s also very thorough. Once you enter work orders, a number of things can occur: Call-in time of a tenant request is automatically entered, materials and charges are calculated, priced, and totaled, and a Work Order Unit Report is automatically be generated. These are only a few operations you can perform with the Work Order module.

Mobile Solutions include:

  • Mobile Work Orders
  • HQS Section 8 Inspections System
  • Public Housing Inspections
  • Meter Reader
  • Fixed Assets Tracker

Training on the Apple iPad is part of Lindsey Software’s offering.

Occupancy: These modules help you manage applicant and tenant information while maintaining HUD compliance. They include:

  • Family Self Sufficiency for FSS Coordinators to manage data that must be maintained for the FSS Program.
  • My Waiting List which is an interactive voice response system that provides your applicants with their position on your waiting list. It’s available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Other language modules are available upon request.
  • The Online Application provides an integrated application process that minimizes paperwork, eliminates data entry, and prevents entry of mistyped information.
  • Rent Reasonable helps you assess rent charges proposed by a property owner.
  • Tenant and Applicant Processing is a single module to manage your entire occupancy department, from application entry to move out for all programs.
  • Word Bridge works in conjunction with the Tenant and Applicant Processing module so you can customize your documentation and maintain it in one place.

Security: Lindsey Software’s Security System is a robust and flexible way for your system administrator to restrict user access to confidential or sensitive parts of the software (such as the Payroll module).

You’ll have easy management for users’ security clearance levels, passwords and access to various modules. You can Add and remove individual users is easily and quickly. Accessibility setting can be adjusted at the group level or individual level, depending on your requirements. The Tenant Accounts Receivable and Payroll modules also provide audit logs and user activity tracking for complete security.

The Inventory Module is designed for tight inventory level control. IT tracks inventory quantities, costs, prices and vendors to provide your housing authority critical inventory information. Integrate it with your Work Orders, Purchase Orders and General Ledger modules. It tracks behind-the-scenes when you use other Lindsey Software solutions.

As you can see, Lindsey Software provides a comprehensive solution for Housing Authorities. To learn more, contact the team at Cyber Solutions in Anderson South Carolina.

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