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Is Your Water Authority In South Carolina Using NBS Business Modules?


Professional Computer Services Inc. (DBA Nicholson Business Systems) is a South Carolina based company specializing in custom software programs for City/Business Finance Departments. They have been in the software development business since 1991.

NBS Business Modules can be used for organizations ranging from small companies to large municipalities. These modules are fully integrated into a single suite so you can use a many or as few that you need. All of their modules feed into a common General Ledger, so your finances can be tracked in one place.

The following are the features each module provides:

Accounts Payable

  • Automatically assigns the next available vendor number
  • Minority and women-owned business activity reporting
  • Ability to access vendor master from invoice entry
  • Checks for duplicate invoice numbers within a vendor
  • Checks for over budget accounts
  • ACH payments may be processed via Accounts Payable
  • Process 1099s
  • Both single and batch check processing
  • Void invoices
  • Electronic signature check printing from a laser printer
  • Ability to utilize the memo field on a check
  • Ability to access the B/L Master from invoice entry
  • Automatically updates journals to the G/L Module
  • Automatically updates record to the Back Recon Module
  • Interfaces with the NBS Purchase Order Module
  • Unpaid invoice analysis
  • Paid Invoice analysis
  • Vendor / Sub-contractor report
  • User-defined vendor letter setup
  • Use tax vouchers report

Accounts Receivable

  • Set up and track customer information
  • Automatically assigns the next available customer number
  • If applicable, you can assign invoice rates by customer
  • Tracks history of customer invoices and payments
  • Both single and batch invoice processing
  • Allows for recurring invoice processing
  • Automatically transfers journal entries to General Ledger
  • Post payments to individual invoices
  • Allows for adjustments through payment processing
  • Invoices paid and unpaid reporting
  • Aged analysis reporting
  • Monthly statement processing
  • Sales Tax reporting

Bank Recon

  • Records all checks written with NBS Modules
  • Allows you to add checks to check history file
  • Allows you to add draft check data
  • Allows you to add deposit data
  • Reconcile statements by bank
  • Reports of checks and deposits cleared
  • Report of checks not cleared
  • Tracks history of checks and deposits cleared
  • If applicable, convert files to CSV file

Business License

  • Set up and Track Customer Information
  • Automatically assigns next available customer number
  • If applicable, enter rates by a user-defined rate codes
  • If applicable, enter rates by a SIC Rate Code
  • If applicable, enter rates by a NAICS Rate Code
  • If applicable, enter Work Permit rates
  • If applicable, enter Penalty Rates
  • Allows for single or batch renewal processing
  • Prints Business License renewal form with rates
  • Prints Business License form and receipt
  • Payments for current or previous years renewals
  • Prints Hospitality tax notices
  • Tracks payments for Hospitality taxes
  • Unpaid Hospitality and Business License reports
  • Automatically updates to NBS G/L Module
  • Permit Processing
  • Print selected master file reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Non-payment reports
  • Print late notices

Capital Assets

  • Allows you to control the setup of capital asset master file
  • Allows you to control the setup of a class code master
  • Allows you to assign general ledger numbers by class code
  • Depreciation may be divided between departments
  • Calculate depreciation by month or year
  • Depreciation edit for verification
  • Automatically updates to the NBS G/L module
  • Prints a Capital Asset book
  • Depreciation and expense reports
  • Date in and date out of service reports
  • Tax asset report by fund and class
  • Tax asset report by fund, department and class

Cash Receipts

  • User-defined tables for charges with general ledger set up
  • Allows you to enter receipts for set up charges
  • Allows you to enter receipts for miscellaneous charges
  • Automatically updates to the NBS G/L module
  • Prints receipts with Pay information
  • End-of-day payment reports
Codes Enforcement
  • Application and permit processing for:
    • Zoning Compliance
    • Building
    • Demolition
    • Electrical
    • Fire Protection (sprinkler)
    • Mechanical
    • Mobile Homes
    • Plumbing
    • Service Poles
    • Signage
  • Inspection reports
  • User-defined rate setup
  • Print permits issued by date range
  • Print inspection reports issued by date range
General Ledger
  • Lets you set up General Ledger by Fund, Departments, Section and GL Number
  • User-defined Chart of Accounts (GL Master) set up
  • User-defined Balance Sheet and Revenue and Expense Statements set up
  • Miscellaneous journal entry, edit and Update
  • User-defined fixed (recurring) journal entries
  • Journal Control report
  • Budget Processing
  • Year End Close Routine
  • Ability to work in previous year General Ledger
  • Convert G/L files to a spreadsheet
  • Report-Detail general ledger
  • Report-Trial Balance
  • Report-Fund Income Statement
  • Report-Fund Balance Sheet Statement
  • Auditor Reports-G/L Audit
  • Auditor Reports-Detail Audit List
  • Auditor Reports-Working Trial Balance
  • Auditor’s Adjustment at Year End


  • Set up and track all inventory master records
  • Records and tracks all receipts into the inventory system
  • Records and tracks all issues into the inventory system
  • Records and tracks all adjustments into the inventory system
  • Allows you to barcode all inventory records
  • Record and post physical inventory counts and updates
  • Enter, print and archive work orders
  • User-controlled task file maintenance
  • User-controlled cost center maintenance
  • User-controlled employee maintenance
  • Prints Reorder List
  • Prints Inventory History Reports


  • Supports salaried or hourly employees
  • Pay Freq. -Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Annual, Bi-annual
  • Federal & State tax tables that can be updated by the user
  • Up to 99 miscellaneous deductions per employee -may be tax deferred
  • Ability to divide employee’s wage to different G/L accounts
  • Supports direct deposit to 3 different bank accounts
  • Tracks vacation, sick and comp. time hours
  • Allows multiple checks per employee
  • HR- Personnel Tracking
  • HR- Absentee Reporting
  • HR- Job Lists
  • Automatically updates to General Ledger
  • Prints PR checks or create a file for direct deposit
  • SC retirement reporting
  • SC employment reporting
  • Prints W2s or Electronic W2 filing -Federal
  • Electronic SC W2 filing -SCBOS
  • Prints 941 and EEO4 reporting
  • Prints GASB45 by hire date or department

Purchase Orders

  • Enter, print and archive purchase orders
  • Items may be selected from inventory or non-inventory files
  • Allows you to add miscellaneous costs as shipping charges or special taxes
  • Allows you to a change vendor number on a purchase order
  • Allows you to reprint a purchase order
  • Interfaces with the NBS Accounts Payable Module
  • Automatically updates to the General Ledger Module
  • Prints list of active or closed purchase orders

Utility Billing

  • User controlled customer account master
  • Account numbers assigned to a location
  • New customer check for previous usage by SS# or Driver License
  • User-defined rate tables for each individual charge
  • Backflow tracking
  • Allows for up to 20 user-defined charges
  • Creates a draft file to email to the bank
  • Tracks all transactions into a history file
  • Deposit Tracking
  • Interfaces to most handheld vendors
  • Real-time or batch payment processing
  • Adjustment tracking
  • Penalty updates and tracking
  • Write off and final bill tracking
  • Fixed rate and miscellaneous charges
  • Aged analysis, cut off list and capital credit reports
  • Automatically updates to the NBS General Ledger Module
  • Creates file for the Debt Setoff Program
  • Print bills or create file to email for outsource printing
  • Print Aged Analysis Report
  • Print history of customer activity
  • Online and IVR payment interface
  • Online Work Orders

Vehicle Maintenance

  • User controlled vehicle master maintenance
  • User controlled sub-vehicle master setup
  • Preventive maintenance entry
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Enter, edit and post vehicle service tasks
  • Vehicle maintenance history tracking
  • User controlled type of service master
  • Print reports of vehicle maintenance services and tasks

No matter which software platform your Water Authority uses, the team at Cyber Solutions in Anderson SC can ensure it runs reliably and securely, and that you get the value from it that you require.

Contact us for more information about this or other software solutions for your Water Authority in South Carolina.


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