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Cyber Solutions Helps Newberry Housing Authority Save Money, Eliminate Waste, and Optimize IT

Housing Authorities in South CarolinaNewberry Housing Authority offers affordable housing to the folks of Newberry, SC. Assisting everyone from low-income families to senior citizens, they needed help themselves in the IT area.

The Situation: Other IT Companies Make Empty Promises

For the Newberry Housing Authority (NHA), everything they do is computer and phone driven. According to Carrie Epting of NHA, “We had an IT company out of another state that supposedly managed our server. If one of our computers went down, we had to mail it to them. They never came onsite or checked anything out. Then, we went with a company out of Columbia. They said we needed a new server, and they put one in. Well, as soon as they did, everything came to a screeching halt. We stayed six months with them. Next, we found a two-man business. They got us working, but not at full capacity. Finally, I was at a conference and met Eric from Cyber Solutions.”

The Solution: Partnering With Cyber Solutions To Improve Their IT

Cyber Solutions has been providing cutting-edge IT services to the State of South Carolina and bordering areas of North Carolina and Georgia for twenty years.  Cyber Solutions has grown to employ over 30 of the industry’s brightest engineers. They believe in giving their customers the highest levels of service possible and always go above and beyond what is required.

Carrie Epting of NHA goes on to say that, “Because of what we went through with other companies, we weren’t putting a whole lot of faith in them, but we decided to give them a chance. Eric came on site and sat down with us. Everything he promised they would do, they did and more. While fixing our networking equipment, they also found more issues because of the poor way the work had been done in the past. Eric spent 6 hours of his own time on his off day and helped us. He rewired the whole office.”

Cyber Solutions followed their best practices and made a number of improvements to NHA’s IT environment, including:

  • Installation of new infrastructure cabling
  • Elimination of redundant Internet connections

“We were even able to save them money in other areas by reviewing telephone and internet bills,” says Eric Gurley of Cyber Solutions. “This assisted them in paying for our services. We provide this service to all clients and regularly save them money. Finally, we eliminated small low-end switches in the building that had been added to split network connections. Now all cables run to the main enterprise switches.”

The Outcome: Expert IT Support and Effective Technology Solutions

Newberry Housing Authorities signed with Cyber Solutions in January of 2018. In that short time, they have come very far.

“Things have been great,” says Epting. “Their customer service is phenomenal. Other companies made us feel like we didn’t know what we were talking about. Cyber Solutions never makes us feel that way. After years of problems, all we have to do now is pick up the phone and call and it’s fixed. I always recommend Cyber Solutions to other companies.”

Gurley has been helping them with on-going support.

Cyber Solutions now provides NHA with a comprehensive suite of IT services:

  • Network management and support
  • Security services
  • Data backup
  • Active monitoring around the clock
  • Update and patch management
  • Office 365 premium (all office products and email), combined with support
  • Email encryption to keep their communication secure

Thanks to our range of services and expert support, NHA’s network is much more stable, which helps to boost their efficiency and reduce staff stress. Their connection speeds have been increased as well by improving their network infrastructure. The second building is now connected via fiber cabling, eliminating the need for an additional Internet connection and monthly charges. This has allowed them to host job fairs and events that teach children in the community to use technology.

For more information about the services we deliver to the Newberry Housing Authority and what we can do for your business, get in touch with the Cyber Solutions team at {phone} or {email}.

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