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How Did Cyber Solutions Save A Local Nonproft Over $600 A Month?


How Did Our Nonprofit Technology Professionals Save Local Nonprofit Organizations Money?

Simple! We Just Reviewed Their Phone Bills

Did you know that you may be paying for phone or internet services that you aren’t using? These bills can sometimes be difficult to decipher. We often wonder if the phone companies don’t do this on purpose. Regardless, yours may need to be reviewed as we did for this nonprofit in SC.

How did Cyber Solutions save local nonprofits in South Carolina money?

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Cyber Solutions Reviewed Their Telecommunications Bills For Free!

You don’t need to be a nonprofit organization. If your business is in the vicinity of Anderson or Greenville, SC, we’ll happily review your phone, mobile and internet invoices at no charge.

Why Is Your South Carolina Nonprofit IT Consulting Company Doing This? – Because we’ve learned that organizations like this nonprofit were paying for three different internet services at once!

Employees coming and going had signed up for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) without canceling their previous services. No business, especially nonprofit organizations, can afford to pay for utilities that they aren’t receiving.

And, believe it or not, we saved them a total of $600 every month. That’s $7,200 a year! Enough to fund a program for the needy.

Want Some Other Ways You Can Save Money On Your Phone Bill?

9 Different Ways With VoIP Business Phone Solutions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of sending a signal over traditional phone lines, VoIP uses the Internet infrastructure to do this.

How Can You Save Money With VoIP?

1. Lower Your Overhead: VoIP lets your remote employees work from anywhere and still access your business phone service. You can also see their calling status on a management screen, so you know if they are available or not. How can this save you money? You can reduce your overhead, substantially. When you allow your employees to work from home, you won’t need to pay for expensive office space, furniture, utilities and more.

2. SIP: By replacing your traditional phone lines with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) you can save from 20% to 50% on your monthly phone bill. SIP is a signaling protocol that includes voice, video and messaging applications. It not only reduces your phone bill but adds performance features.

3. DID: Your employees will have a direct phone line or DID (Direct Inward Dial), so they won’t need to go through a receptionist to reach coworkers. This frees up your receptionist to handle other duties and saves time and frustration waiting to be connected.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs:  Unlike traditional telephone systems, you can easily move your VoIP phones around. Just unplug the phone from one LAN (local area network) and plug into another. You can also authorize users to take the phone home or on the road and plug the phone into a secure internet connection. Their phone will ring just like it does in the office, and no one will know they aren’t there (except for you of course). No more service calls and expense moving phones from one location to another.

5. No Missed Messages or Opportunities: Missed messages mean missed opportunities. VoIP provides Voicemail to Email features that send all VMs to your employees’ inboxes. So, even if they are halfway around the world, as long as they have email or cell phone access, they’ll never miss a call. This improves customer service and efficiency.

6. Conference Calling and Webinars: Some VoIP packages provide conference calling and webinar features. Save time and trouble traveling to meetings. This also promotes increased accessibility between your customers, prospects, vendors and your employees.

7. Convenient Management: With a web-based portal you can manage your VoIP solution efficiently on your own. This reduces the need for service calls and the requirement to oversee what your users require. You can choose to provide each of your users with permission to access the portal to manage their voice greetings, button controls and more. It provides a more granular customization for their needs, which equates to increased productivity and efficiency.

8. Enhanced Mobility: Employees can handoff calls from their desk phone to mobile phone seamlessly. A “follow me” service not only rings their cell phone and desk phone but provides the ability to transfer a call, so the person on the other end doesn’t even realize the user has moved from one device to another. It’s also possible to transfer calls from the phone system on a mobile phone back to an extension in the phone system. Never miss or drop a call. Customer service is enhanced as well as mobility.

9. Text Messaging Services: Most VoIP systems also include a text messaging service. If your employee is on the phone selling your service to a prospect and needs a quick answer from a colleague, they can text them without hanging up on the prospective customer or putting them on hold, receive the information they need, and carry on with the sale. Plus, there’s no texting cost involved.

You can see how our Business Telephone Services can reduce your telephone costs. And, don’t forget to contact us to scrutinize your current phone, internet, and mobile phone charges. The money you save can go to growing your business.

Contact our VoIP team in Anderson, South Carolina to learn more.

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