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As a realtor or property manager, you depend on efficient-running technology that you can access both in and out of the office. If you’re unaware of the intricacies involved, it could cost you in productivity, reliability, and security. It could also impact your rentals, sales, and management contracts. That’s why it’s important to use a technology solutions provider like Cybersolutions who can help you make the right choices and keep your systems running as they should.

In order to maintain a successful property management or real estate operation, you must stay in touch with your office, clients, lawyers, and vendors. You need secure and reliable mobile IT solutions to do this. And to be productive and compete with other firms, you need the ability to remotely and securely retrieve your digital information so you can collaborate with others and edit documents in real time.

Cybersolutions Is Your Trusted IT Partner in SC

Whether we visit you onsite or handle issues remotely, our IT experts can deal with any technical problem you have. We’ve been supporting Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Property Management firms in South Carolina for years. We’ll help you slash the costs of running your IT with our comprehensive IT management solution that’s customized to meet your unique needs.

Cybersolutions has been serving the needs of realtors and property managers for years. We provide a broad range of technical expertise and solutions through our Managed Services support. We can resolve problems caused by slow running computers, viruses, and unpatched applications. And our secure solutions will boost your productivity and ability to securely share files with your staff and clients.

The Real Estate Market Is Highly Competitive –Your Success Depends On Using The Right Technology Solutions

It’s no longer possible to compete or succeed using antiquated paper-based documents. You need digital information that you can access from your desktop and mobile devices – secure access that lets you edit and print docs on the go. And you must be able to share them with others to get approvals on management, rental, and sales contracts so you can close those deals quickly. Unlike other businesses, you must work on the fly to provide what your clients require. If you can’t do that, then your clients may go to the competition.

The real estate industry is data-driven, and you need digital documents and technology to work for you, not slow you down. Your agents and employees shouldn’t have to worry about computers or laptops that fail, software or system crashes, lag time or worse, complete IT downtime. Every minute they spend troubleshooting technology problems is money out the window.

Employing Techs Isn’t The Answer

Maybe you have an in-house tech who takes care of your technology. Did you know that you’d be much better off with IT professionals who understand your industry? You can get a whole team of techs with combined expertise and skills that you could never get with one or two techs. With Managed IT Services from Cybersolutions, you’ll have experts who are available 24/7, and who will act as your Outsourced IT Department.

With our fixed monthly fee, this is more cost-effective and easier to budget for. We can take care of IT issues both onsite and remotely. And we can prevent IT issues and worries by remotely monitoring and maintaining your systems.

We Understand The Line Of Business Software You Use

You depend on your line-of-business applications to manage, sell, or rent properties. You need an IT Partner like Cybersolutions who knows about the specialized software you use. We support software applications like Zillow Premier Agent, DocuSign, Showing Suite, Propertyware, Contactually, and many others. If we’re not familiar with a particular application you use, we can learn it quickly.

You Need Reliable And Secure Mobile Solutions

Cloud solutions and VPNs (virtual private networks) can provide reliable and secure access to your data when you’re on the road. But if you have to deal with mobility issues, it will only slow you down. As your IT Partner we’ll keep you connected wherever you go.

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution ensures you can securely exchange emails, collaborate on documents in real time, and use line-of-business applications without the worry of lost, stolen, or compromised data. We can:

  • Remotely locate and lock a stolen device.
  • Wipe your business data from a personal device when a person leaves your employment.
  • Continuously monitor and manage your mobile devices.
  • Enforce encryption and password policies.

The Right Data Backup Is Essential

Storms and flooding are a real threat in South Carolina. For this reason, you need a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Onsite backups aren’t enough. We can supplement your onsite backup with a secure, offsite cloud backup solution to ensure you will always have easy access and a quick recovery of your data.

Your data will be backed up remotely – even your network servers, desktop computers, laptops, and wireless devices. Daily scheduled backups ensure your data is preserved if it’s accidentally deleted or a storm takes your office offline.  We can also help you scan any paper records to digital formats so they’ll be accessible when you need them.

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Cloud?

At one time, realtors and property managers were afraid that storing and accessing data from the Cloud wasn’t safe. Now, they are realizing how cloud computing can help them organize and share data, access the applications they need from wherever they are, and work collaboratively with their staff, clients, and others.

With the right cloud solution, you can take a photo of a new property, upload it to your laptop and import it into your Microsoft Office 365 application so your assistant back in the office can create a beautiful flyer. You can remotely work along with her to approve the flyer before it’s printed. You can do this even if you’re sitting in a coffee shop, or in a prospect’s office waiting to meet them. Using the Cloud is a real time saver. You can quickly create advertisements to send to your property management or real estate site.

Speaking Of Websites

Your business needs a professionally designed website to attract buyers, renters, and clients. Without one, you have no credibility. The Web is the first place people go to learn about your capabilities and what you have to offer. It’s the first doorway to your firm. It must be designed and coded so it’s easy to navigate and will rate highly in Google rankings. Our website development team can design and implement a site that will draw viewers, impress them, and entice them to contact you.

You can trust the team at Cybersolutions for “Everything IT.” We understand your unique requirements. Contact us for a complimentary review of your technology needs.

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