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Is It Safe to Allow Your Employees to Use Business Computers for Personal Web Surfing?


If you’re a good boss, then certainly you don’t mind allowing your employees to go online during the workday and check their email. This seems harmless enough. But what if one of those employees accidentally opens an attachment that is infected with a Ransomware virus?

What happens next is chaos. All of your computers and your network will be shut down. You will most likely see a message scrolling across the screen that instructs you to pay a certain amount of money in cryptocurrency to a specific account. Usually, there’s a countdown clock on the screen that reminds you of how much time you have left. Hackers will often give you only a certain amount of time to pay the ransom, then if they don’t get their money, the ransom amount goes up.

Bad Things Happen To Good People

It seems like everyone would know about malware and Ransomware viruses. There is always news about the latest data breach at some big organization such as Sony Entertainment or Experian. Unfortunately, people have the assumption that bad things will not happen to them. Bad things only happen to bad people, right? It would be great if this were true, but it isn’t.

Cyber thieves do not care at all whether or not you’re a good person. They are looking for any business that does not have excellent cybersecurity. They know how to craft a phishing email so that it sounds authentic. In a days’ time, cyber thieves might send out hundreds of phishing emails. If only one percent of those actually work, then they can earn thousands of dollars a day.

This is the situation that many business owners worry about every day. They can no longer focus on growing their company and developing new products and services. Instead, they must worry about whether they’ll be pummeled with a Ransomware virus that will cost them thousands of dollars.

The Evolution of Cyber Attacks

With the world of cybercrimes growing at such a fast rate, it can be hard to keep up. What will the next big scam be like? How will thieves by-pass your network security and infiltrate your database? These hackers are developing new and better ways to dupe employees into visiting a bad website or clicking on an infected link. And their tricks are working. Cybercrime pays big! That’s why this industry is growing so fast. One survey says that cybercrime could become a $6 trillion industry by the year 2021. That’s only a few years away.

How To Protect Your IT Infrastructure From Intruders

If you’re looking for the one way that you can increase your network security, then employee training is the key. Your employees make decisions every day about whether or not to open an email, visit a strange website or open an attachment. Cyber thieves can create an email that really looks authentic. Below are a few examples of actual phishing emails that were sent to people’s inboxes.

Apple Promotion!


Get a free app from the ITunes store. Click on the link below to complete this survey and Apple will give you a free app valued at $5.

Urgent Overdue Invoice!


Please pay the enclosed invoice at once. Your account is severely past due. Your service will be interrupted if you do not pay this invoice today by 5pm.

Re: Case #82471106259F

Paypal Inc.

We have detected fraud on your account. Please log into your account immediately and change your password settings. Click Here to Reset Your Password!

Each one of these emails was fraudulent. If you had received them in your inbox, what would you have done? Would you be fooled? Remember that these logos and email templates can be made to look completely authentic.

Employees must be taught about these phishing campaigns. They must know what to look for. Though it’s simple to teach someone, it’s something that many business owners neglect. Security awareness training should be conducted for all employees including executives. And you must perform these training seminars on a regular basis.

There are many other things that business owners can do to protect their IT infrastructure. And with so much at stake, you should stay on top of all the latest security threats.

Cyber Solutions recommends a thorough assessment of your network security, to begin with. This will show us any vulnerable areas that require immediate attention. Next, we put together a comprehensive plan that addresses each component of your network.

Security is a day-to-day ongoing process. It’s important to remain aware of the evolving threats. The Cyber Solutions team will make sure your business defenses can withstand whatever new campaign cyber thieves will send your way.

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