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Dynamic Phone Systems for South Carolina Pizza Delivery Businesses (Research/Information)


How A More Strategic Phone System Could be A Game Changer for Your South Carolina Pizza Place

Exploring the features and benefits of phone solutions for busy pizza chains and restaurants

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard from the busy professionals at Little Caesars Pizza in Anderson, SC. They were looking for new and dynamic phone systems so they could take and process orders more efficiently and better serve their large clientele.

Of course, we were happy to help. We moved quickly to implement a fully-hosted VoIP solution built on Yealink phones and comprehensive Broadcom switching equipment. This new solution was custom built with strategic call queue capabilities. This offered huge optimization power for the Little Caesars team.

Operational improvements included:

  • No more missed calls thanks to a busy signal
  • Increased efficiency when taking orders
  • Reduced need for staff answering phones – while 3 team members were required to man the old system, the new one only requires 1 operator
  • Streamlining of overall production processes

The partnership got us thinking. Why not create a basic guide explaining how strategic phone solutions can be an absolute game-changer for pizza parlors? We left the Little Caesars team better than they were before, and we want to provide the same telecommunications support for pizza places across South Carolina. Read on for every last slice of information on phone solutions for South Carolina pizza delivery businesses.

Why It’s Important: How Communications Technology is Changing the Pizza Business

Commercial entities of all kinds rely on strategic and effective communications technology. No matter what kind of goods or services are being provided, businesses need reliable ways to connect with their customer base. This is especially important for pizza delivery businesses, who receive the vast majority of their business via phone. Pizza businesses need trouble-free inbound connectivity as well as the ability to call customers and delivery staff, process electronic payments, connect store managers and coordinate deliveries.

As such, many modern pizza restaurants are looking for the most strategic and state-of-the-art communications resources available. The reality is, a traditional, one-line or even multi-line phone system is no longer a competitive option. Installing a modern and more dynamic set up may seem daunting, but it offers a concrete competitive advantage.

Using state-of-the-art communications technology, you can better accommodate a high volume of calls and can better meet your customer service goals. No matter the size of your pizza delivery operation, a fresh telecommunications installation can open brand-new business possibilities.

Infrastructure Options: Exploring Different Phone Models for Pizza Delivery Businesses

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, it’s time to get into the specifics. When considering a new telecommunications system for South Carolina pizza restaurants, professionals have a lot to consider. You must make considerations for the size of your operation, peak volume, number of order-takers, and any other specifics that will help you effectively calculate your needs.

By working with a strategic IT consultant, you can explain these needs in hopes of uncovering the right telecommunications solution that works for you. A strategic IT professional can help recommend custom solutions and address specific concerns. The following is a list of the top four telecommunications solutions implemented for pizza restaurants. Read on to understand which would work best for your operation.

  • Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is becoming one of the most popular and efficient options for pizza restaurant telecommunications. VoIP uses internet connections to manage calls as opposed to traditional phone lines – so a strong internet connection is a must for this solution.

Furthermore, VoIP solutions are the most cost-effective option as they eliminate the cost of expensive installations and equipment. As such, VoIP is quickly becoming solidified as the preferred platform for pizza delivery companies of all shapes and sizes.

  • Key System Units (KSU)

Unlike VoIP solutions, key system units require permanent installation, which is performed by the vendors who are also responsible for maintaining the systems through a service contract. KSU’s are designed for anywhere from 5-40 extensions and are known for being a reliable option that seldom loses calls.

  • KSU-less Systems

These solutions are designed for pizza restaurants that need fewer than five extensions. Phone systems without KSU are flexible, easily scaled, moved or modified to address evolving business needs. Additional lines may be required to accommodate credit card processing or fax transmissions. This solution is designed for very small-scale delivery operations. However, a more sophisticated system is recommended for any pizza place that experiences high volume.

  • Remote Call Centers

Some large-scale, franchised pizza businesses benefit from a dedicated call center facility. This is a solution designed for pizza franchises with at least ten or more local branches to help them streamline daily operations by outsourcing order-taking duties to a remote call center. This allows pizza businesses to stay focused on quality control, delivery times, and other customer service imperatives. However, it must again be noted that this is only a cost-effective option for some very large pizza franchises.

Professionalism First: Improving Your Image & Customer Service Experience  

Now that we understand the basic options available, it’s time to dive into the real benefits of implementing a dynamic phone solution at your South Carolina pizza establishment. Many think that the benefits are all about cost and efficiency, but the most important benefit is how strategic phone solutions can boost your professional image.

Pizza restaurants thrive by offering a professional and personalized customer service experience – this is how you earn a loyal customer base. For pizza delivery establishments, a lot of initial contact with customers happens over the phone – so a reliable and professional phone system is a crucial component in creating a professional and personalized customer service experience.

Creating a welcoming and streamlined first impression is critical. So, in many ways, the phone solutions you implement are PR and marketing tools in their own right. A streamlined communication and ordering experience helps to shape the image and reputation of your brand.

By implementing a modern and reliable system, with advanced features, your customers will be more impressed and satisfied with the service experience they receive. Happy customers? More orders? Your company looks good? What else could a pizza place ask for?

Increased Efficiency: Streamlining Ordering Operations

Now, of course, it’s not all about looking good. The great thing about dynamic phone solutions for pizza delivery businesses is that it really streamlines the ordering process and your entire production effort. Depending on the size and shape of your pizza delivery outfit, your team stands to earn huge benefits from a variety of dynamic telecommunications features.

Check out some of the leading telecommunications efficiency features below:


Busy pizza delivery restaurants rely on call waiting and queueing features to manage an incoming flux of orders – especially during lunch and dinner rushes. Placing callers on hold, using a traditional phone system, isn’t the most ideal situation and doesn’t offer much competitive edge. Call waiting and call queue features to make it easy for you to keep your hands on hungry customers and avoid losing their call to a second-best competitor.


Creating personal connections with customers is an increasingly popular way to build your brand and create consumer loyalty. Caller information empowers order takers to serve every customer with a personalized touch, like calling them by name and quickly confirming delivery details. In fact, you can even link this feature with POS systems, which allows you to build continuity and offer a personalized experience from order to delivery.


When live operators aren’t on duty to answer calls, it’s incredibly important to put forth a positive image for callers. Pre-recorded messages are a great way to communicate with your clients – even when operators are tied up. You can share store hours, special announcements and events, or promotional deals. This keeps your customers occupied and takes care of some advertising at the same time.


Even with a dynamic phone solution in place, short wait times are a reality for any successful and busy pizza establishment. However, when customers are waiting, they don’t want to wait in deafening silence. Playing a little hold music can improve the wait time, and create some goodwill while you work to get to each customer in the queue. Some phone solutions even give your clients the options to choose a preferred music genre!


Today’s pizza consumer wants convenience when ordering their dinner or lunch. So, many phone solutions for pizza restaurants are equipped with multiple streams of contact like text messaging and online or application ordering. The right phone system will be integrated with these other avenues of communication to ensure that all delivery orders are channeled efficiently and to the right parties.

Profit Positive Outcomes: Taking More Calls, Making More Money

Ok, now for the really great stuff. The true benefit of strategic phone systems for pizza delivery restaurants is that they create more opportunities for profit. All of the improvements to your professional image and the increased efficiency translates into you and your team being able to take more calls, and take them more effectively.

Simply put, this can only have positive impacts on your bottom line. As your team gets into the swing of operating the new and dynamic solution, customers will quickly notice and will be more eager to place their orders with you. The best business growth advice is to put your best foot forward – and for pizza delivery restaurants, that means implementing strategic phone solutions to boost profit.

Customization & Efficiency: Optimizing Phone Systems is Smart Business for Pizza Parlors

There’s no getting around it – pizza delivery businesses do a huge part of their customer service work over the phone. With so much at stake, a strategic and reliable phone system can truly make all the difference between profitability and outright failure.

In order to ensure your South Carolina pizza delivery business is meeting customer expectations, you need to invest in a customized and efficient telecommunications solution. Do your research. Compare and contrast the versatile collection of options available. Ask around and see what colleagues and competitors are doing to better connect with customers.

Above all, don’t hesitate to reach out to reputable phone system vendors for South Carolina pizza restaurants. Talking directly with a strategic professional will help you determine the best way to expand, update, or install strategic phone solutions for your pizza delivery outfit. Don’t put off efficiency and profit improvements – reach out to a strategic telecommunications professional today!

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