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Is Your Water Authority In South Carolina Using QS/1 Governmental Software?


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QS/1Governmental Software is specially designed for local government agencies. Water districts throughout South Carolina rely on it.

Are You Getting The Most Benefits From QS/1?

QS/1Governmental Software is specially designed for local government agencies. Water districts throughout South Carolina rely on it.

What Features Does QS/1 Include?


Designed for government entities, the QS/1®’s Accounting Suite is a comprehensive solution to finances. It combines general ledger, accounts payable, budgeting and bank reconciliation into one affordable package.

Its easy-to-use wizards will guide you through many tasks. The Accounting Suite is also integrated with other QS/1 applications such as Utility Billing and Payroll to give you comprehensive control and to eliminate duplicate data entry.

From one integrated application you can manage general ledger, accounts payable, budgeting and bank reconciliations. It’s designed for the specifics of government finance, so you can efficiently manage multiple funds.

It also comes with a multitude of ready-made reports but also lets you create custom reports for your particular needs. And you can export data to your favorite spreadsheet or other software.

Wizards will take you step-by-step through a host of functions. Navigation tools guide you through the system to quickly access the information you need.

You can generate financial reports including:

  • Balance Sheets,
  • Income Statements,
  • Budget Worksheets and
  • Revenue Expense reports.


The QS/1®’s Payroll system provides government agencies with a comprehensive approach to managing employee payroll. It helps you manage employee information, use multiple pay types and classifications, perform what-if budget projections and create reports to monitor activities.

You can determine the effects of salary increases and compare different percentages. Choose individual positions for merit increases and protect the budgeted amount for an open position.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools come complete with dozens of standardized reports, including W2s and 941s. You can also easily create customized reports that provide information the way you want. Plus, you can export and save your reports and data to popular off-the-shelf software.

QS/1’s Payroll is flexible. It provides many ways to generate time cards, including directly from a time clock. You can also select only employees with overtime or sick days, and you can even handle them by department.

The system also has the flexibility of managing up to 999 deductions or pay types, whether they are a credit union, garnishments, insurance or whether they are percentages of a net or a set amount. It’s available as an affordable cloud solution that is more easily approved.

Utility Billing

QS/1®’s Utility Billing software is a comprehensive management tool for water authorities. It’s powerful and easy to use. You can link water meters to customer accounts, accept their payments electronically via the Internet, IVR or bank drafts, and post them immediately. You can also perform endless rate-code studies with robust reporting tools.

Payments are posted immediately, so your accounts are always current. Its fully functional, integrated Point-of-Sale system and Centralized Collections enables the management of payments to multiple applications and accounts.

Scan customer agreements, their drivers’ licenses, photos and other documents, and associate them with their accounts and water meters. It organizes and stores data, so you can always find the information you need.

Documents are encrypted and archived automatically. QS/1’s reporting tools provide dozens of ready-made reports. Plus, a significant advantage is that you can create your customized reports easily without IT expertise.

Easily perform rate-code studies utilizing historical consumption data to provide a true comparison. You can also export data and use it with your favorite software. And, it will integrate all this with QS/1’s Accounting Suite for a complete solution.

Online Payments For Utilities

QS/1’s online payments let you receive payments online or by phone. A link on your website forwards customers to a secure site where they can pay by credit card.

It also provides a toll-free number to securely collect payments, significantly reducing the exposure to Red-Flags Rule issues by eliminating the need for your staff to take credit-card information over the phone.

You also have the option to add convenience fees. Payments are reflected on the website instantly and displayed in the system in real time, eliminating the need to download payments daily.

Contact the team at Cyber Solutions for more information about QS1/Governmental or other software solutions for your Water Authority in South Carolina. We don’t sell QS/1 but we can help you use it to your best advantage.

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