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Save Time and Money with a Cyber Solutions Total IT Solution



What happens when an everyday tool breaks in your business? Does it mess with your day, cost you money, and cause you to lose productivity? You bet! What happens when your computer crashes, the printer won’t print, it takes longer to save documents, or your hard drive suddenly becomes full?

You could hire a fairly experienced IT professional to be on your staff and hopefully avoid some of these issues or you could call a break-fix provider and get billed on average over $100 per hour anytime something stops working. Calling a break-fix provider could get really expensive for a big job, like if your server crashes, costing your business up to 12 hours of labor at over $100 an hour. That’s not even counting lost time.

Considering hiring someone in-house?

Sure, you could hire an IT professional to work for you at about $60,000 a year, not including overtime, and almost always have someone in-house. But what happens when your IT professional wants to take a vacation or gets sick? And, at $60,000 a year, will your one in-house IT professional really have all the years of experience and dynamic background to be able to keep your company safe through the growing number of security risks emerging, keep your company compliant while navigating through the ever-changing regulations and standards, and keep your machines working while seamlessly navigating through the latest software updates?  One IT person can’t possibly be an expert in everything that might go wrong and will eventually want a few days off.

Not good enough? We didn’t think so either…

What if there was a way you could save money, save time, and have someone always watching over your machines to keep your business running smoothly? What if you had an entire team of proactive IT professionals with over 100 combined years of IT experience who could predict, ahead of time, when your machine will need service, and then provide the service at a time convenient to your business? What if you had access to a Security Compliance Manager who could give you guidance on how to keep your business safe? What if you had a personal Project Manager who would help guide your business through hardware and software updates when the time comes? And, what if you could have all this for less than half of what it would cost you to hire one in-house IT professional?


With a Cyber Solutions Total IT package, you get access to 30 experienced IT professionals, a Security Compliance Manager, a personal Project Manager for your big IT projects, and constant monitoring with updates done during your business’ off hours. And, in the evenings and on weekends, there is always an experienced IT professional on call to handle emergencies and get you back up and running quickly. Would you like to have all that for half of what you’d pay one fairly experienced IT professional to be on your staff?

At Cyber Solutions, we monitor over 2500 computers every day. We become your Chief Information Officer. If your drive is running out of space, we see it before it happens, and we fix it quickly. We watch and proactively project the life of your machines so we can give you 6 months to a year notice, allowing you time to budget for when it’s time to buy a new machine or server. We also give you firewall reporting that includes a report of websites most used by your employees. If you have a Facebook problem causing lost work time, you’ll know, and we can limit access at your request. We do software updates, so you don’t have to, and we do them in the evening when it won’t impact productivity. We are experts in our field, so when it’s time to update your machines or software, we’ll offer recommendations specific to your business needs.

Have software specific to your business? No problem!

If you have proprietary software that is specific to your business and imperative to keeping your business running, we’re your tech support there too! If your proprietary software goes down, you don’t have to spend lost productivity hours on the phone with the software company. We’ll make the call for you and work with the vendor to get you up and going again. This means less lost time for you!

These are just a few of the services offered with a Total IT package from Cyber Solutions.

With a Cyber Solutions Total IT package, we take care of all your IT needs! We’re not your usual IT firm. We don’t wait for you to call us when something breaks and then bill you by the hour, while your business is down and you’re already losing precious time and money. Nope! We understand that lost time is lost opportunity and lost money, so we have a proactive approach!

The best part? With a Total IT package, we don’t bill you by the hour. We bill by machine, by month, which in most cases can save you a lot of money and you don’t have to worry because your bill won’t change if you suddenly have a 12-hour service call. Other companies like to make their money by waiting for something to break, or only managing a portion of your IT needs, and then come to your office when something breaks, because when it does, they get paid by the hour, and they get paid very well by the hour. We don’t want your business IT services to crash, because we know you lose precious time. Instead, we manage all your IT needs and we work hard to keep you working.

Call us to see how we can help keep your business running smoothly and save you money!

With Cyber Solutions Total IT solution, you work on your business and we’ll work on your IT needs!

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