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Housing Authorities In South Carolina Rely On Cyber Solutions For Our Experience With The Software Programs They Use


A Description Of 3 Popular Platforms

Minor frustrations and significant downtimes with your administrative applications can cut into your productivity. You can’t afford this if you want to serve your community the way you should. What you need is an IT Services team that can troubleshoot software issues quickly and effectively. Cyber Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help you use these three (and other) programs effectively: SACS Housing Software, Lindsey Software Systems, and Emphasys Software.

SACS Housing Software

SACS has been helping housing authorities since 1969. Their software platforms are designed for Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Multifamily, and Rural Development programs.

The system provides tools for Occupancy Management, Property Management, Financial Management and some productivity tools. It also comes with mobile solutions, a web application and a system administration module that lets you quickly set up users, allow and restrict program access and link the software to printers.

The Occupancy Management Section includes:

  • Data/Applications
  • Previous Tenants/Applications
  • Section 8
  • Tenant Receivables
  • Tenant Services
  • SACS PIC Manager

With the Property Management program, you can track Excess Utilities Inspections, Inventory and Maintenance.

SACS Software makes Financial Management easy with accounting, accounts payable, budget preparation, cash management and payroll.

Their Inspections app is used to perform HQS and UPCS inspections on your employees’ mobile devices.

The SACS Document Management platform provides the ability to:

  • Automate archiving of 50058s, reports and letters
  • Scan documents directly
  • Email documents
  • Attach files from your computer

Plus, it gives enhanced document security to keep your confidential data private.

Lindsey Software Systems

Lindsey has been serving Housing Authorities since 1959. This is a comprehensive, customizable suite of online property management tools for tenant applications, payments and maintenance requests with work orders. They provide software modules for Accounting, Maintenance, Mobile Solutions, Occupancy and Security.

Accounting: Lindsey’s accounting modules provide an easy way to manage tenant collections. They include:

  • Excess Utilities
  • Fixed Assets
  • FDS
  • FDS-AT
  • General Ledger
  • Lockbox
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipt System
  • Tenant Accounts Receivable
  • Time Clock Interface
  • Utility Consumption Tracking

Maintenance: These modules make it easy and affordable to work “on-the-go.” They provide HQS and low-rent inspection systems, an inventory module, and work orders. The maintenance system can be integrated with other Lindsey modules.

Mobile Solutions include:

  • Mobile Work Orders
  • HQS Section 8 Inspections System
  • Public Housing Inspections
  • Meter Reader
  • Fixed Assets Tracker

Training on the Apple iPad is part of their offering.

Occupancy: These modules help you manage applicant and tenant information while maintaining HUD compliance. They include:

  • Family Self Sufficiency for FSS Coordinators to manage information that must be maintained for the FSS Program.
  • My Waiting List which is an interactive voice response system that provides your applicants with their position on your waiting list. It’s available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Other language modules are available upon request.
  • Online Application provides an integrated application process that minimizes paperwork, eliminates data entry, and prevents entry of mistyped information.
  • Rent Reasonable helps you assess rent charges proposed by a property owner.
  • Tenant and Applicant Processing is a single module to manage your entire occupancy department, from application entry to move out for all programs.
  • Word Bridge works in conjunction with the Tenant and Applicant Processing module so you can customize your documentation and maintain it in one place.

Emphasys Software has been helping Housing Authorities since 1976. Their Public Housing Authority division offers a suite of software applications including the following:

  • MYHOUSING: An all-in-one service solution that manages and automates three critical areas of housing – online waiting lists, applicant information and the recertification process.
  • HCV / SECTION 8: This Housing Choice Voucher module provides a complete workflow design that allows agencies to streamline day-to-day processes through automation.
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: This allows you to automate manual tasks such as housing offers, unit matching, rent runs, correspondence tracking and validating certifications and submitting 50058s.
  • MOBILE INSPECTIONS: This handheld system saves inspectors time by allowing them to enter data while in the field.
  • TOUCH PRODUCTS: Touch Products can be conveniently accessed through a handheld device and gives inspectors the freedom to complete their job while on the go.
  • PORTAL PRODUCTS: These can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or kiosk to make gathering public housing information quick and easy.
  • GRANTS MANAGEMENT: Create, implement and track grants, plans (projects) and contracts within one comprehensive system.
  • PAYROLL / HR: This is a fully integrated human resource, benefits administration and payroll system. It can be configured to reflect your business practices and processes.
  • ADMIN SUITE: Comprised of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Book and General Ledger, you can use the Admin Suite to optimize your decision making process and accounting.

No matter which software platform you use, the team at Cyber Solutions can ensure it runs reliably and securely and that you get the value you require.

Contact us for more information about these or other software solutions for your Housing Authority in South Carolina.

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