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The Key To Leveraging Modern Technology For South Carolina Water Authorities


South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA) is a nonprofit trade association that assists public and private water/wastewater systems state-wide to ensure that the residents of South Carolina have access to clean water. If their IT system goes down, residents’ water supply could be jeopardized. This just can’t happen.

The right technology allows SCRWA to economically process and deliver clean water and provide sewer services. Without a reliable, secure and efficient IT system that’s supported by a team of capable technology professionals, SCRWA would fail to function.

To protect their IT Infrastructure and ensure their employees always have access to the technology applications and programs they need, the SCRWA signed up for an Affinity Agreement with Cyber Solutions. This provides them the peace of mind they need to do their jobs without worrying whether their computers and IT network can support their efforts.

Just like the residents rely on SCRWA to provide them clean water, the employees at SCRWA rely on us to ensure their IT system functions optimally. Our team has been working with SCRWA to ensure their IT systems always stays up and running. They count on us to provide proactive service with software updates, hardware maintenance, cybersecurity and 24/7 help desk support. We monitor their system to identify and remediate issues on their network servers and desktops before they can create problems or downtime.

A Cyber Nightmare Scenario

Imagine what would happen if an engineer at your water treatment facility went to add chemicals to untreated water, and the computer system released twice the amount it should. Now toxic elements are in the public water system. If your IT system got hacked, this nightmare could become a reality.

If your network isn’t properly protected, they could inject a Trojan virus in your computers that release too many chemicals in the water. And, if your system shut down, entire communities could be without running water. With the unrest in the world, bad actors from various countries would love to cripple our water supplies. And with more sophisticated hacking tools being invented and released every day, this is a real possibility.

You can’t take chances when it comes to your technology—And you can’t take chances with just any IT provider. You need a Technology Solutions Provider (like Cyber Solutions in Upstate South Carolina) who has experience with the technology systems you use.

What Your Water Authority Can Gain from Using the Right Technology:

No More IT Failures

If you rely on an expert IT team that knows your situation, they can work proactively to prevent network failures before they occur. With remote, real-time, 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance, they can prevent network failures before they occur. Your IT assets will be reliable and stable.

Your Networks and Computers Will Be Protected from Potential Threats

With best-in-class antivirus/ antispam solutions, enterprise-grade firewalls, and industry-leading security, your networks and computers will be protected against today’s ever-evolving exploits.

You’ll Lower Your IT Costs

With the right technology, service, and support you can lower your operating costs, increase your staff’s productivity, and improve your efficiencies. The right IT Partner will develop an individualized, customized technology plan that meets your unique needs.

The Right IT Partner Will:

  • Manage the design and preparation of computer systems, application software, and mobile technology solutions, while keeping costs under control and within allocated budgets.
  • Coordinate and oversee the work of programmers performing applications development.
  • Install and maintain technology projects.
  • Participate in the installation and testing of program enhancements and software packages.
  • Monitor trends and developments in computing, networking, mobile technology and multi-platform communication technologies.
  • Evaluate new operating systems and network software, hardware, methods and techniques to improve systems/network reliability and performance.
  • Plan and coordinate migration to new technologies.
  • Evaluate and recommend the selection and purchase of hardware and software.
  • Administer hardware and software procurement.
  • Research, evaluate and recommend uses of emerging technologies to meet a water district’s current and future business needs.
  • Coordinate activities of department staff with other departments to prioritize technology.
  • Support existing and new IT systems.

They should also provide:

  • A fixed monthly fee for IT Service and Support so you can budget your IT costs throughout the year.
  • A technology support team with an in-depth knowledge of IT systems for water districts.
  • A backup and disaster recovery solution to keep your data safe and secure.
  • A technology advisor who can help you with IT planning and consulting on a daily basis.

Have You Migrated to The Cloud?

The utility industry, including water treatment facilities, are now embracing the Cloud. The ability to access on-demand computing and programs makes it easier for them to run operations without expending resources to build and maintain IT software and hardware.

Much like the services you provide, the right cloud infrastructure saves you money, time and headaches. With cloud computing, you only pay for the services you need. Plus, you can scale up or scale down as needed without any downtime.

Via the Cloud, your IT provider can maintain your network, patch software and ensure the continuous availability of the programs you use every day. They also provide massive economies of scale when it comes to procuring the hardware and IT solutions you need. Cloud computing supports disaster recovery by automating the replication of data and storing it across geographically disparate sites.

And, of course, there’s IT security. Without cloud solutions, you’re on your own. With the Cloud, your service provider can remotely monitor your system 24/7 to block threats that can cripple your operations. Cloud providers have the infrastructure, processes, robust solutions, and highly expert 24/7 security teams, so they can more easily keep your data secure both in transit and in storage.

Cyber Solutions specializes in cloud computing for organizations in Upstate South Carolina. Cloud services provide many benefits including cost savings, efficiency, and speed. They’re deployed via a public, private, or hybrid cloud. We can help you make the right choice for your particular needs.

Ensure your water authority gets technology service and support from experienced, certified IT professionals who understand your requirements. Look to Cyber Solutions in Upstate South Carolina.

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