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Top Questions From Housing Authorities When Outsourcing Their IT Services


Does Your Housing Authority In South Carolina Rely On Technology?

You provide low rent or free apartments to qualified residents, and you ensure that housing is available to any citizen who qualifies. But to do this you must apply for federal funding.

Do you often face budget shortfalls and need to trim your expenses?  For this reason, it’s essential that you use cost-saving and efficient technology solutions.

Did you know that the right technology can help you ease management burdens, reduce costs and improve service delivery?  There are so many complexities when trying to comply with federal, state and local requirements. Using the right technology can help you do this more effectively.

Are you worried about your citizens’ confidential digital information? You should.  Because you process and store sensitive data, including Social Security numbers, criminal background checks, and credit check information, you must ensure this data is always secure.  We can help.

The team at Cyber Solutions works with other Housing Authorities in South Carolina.  They know that we’ll upgrade and maintain their computers and IT systems and that they can count on us to:   

  • Ensure their information technology systems run efficiently and securely.
  • Protect their data, keep citizens’ confidential information secure, and provide IT programs that enhance productivity.
  • Address their employees’ IT concerns or questions in an expedient manner.
  • Assume responsibility for the functionality of all their computer systems and software programs.

Are you looking for Managed IT Services that can save you worries and money? With Cyber Solutions everything will be taken care of proactively – like software updates and hardware maintenance. Plus we’re available 24/7 if you need us.  Housing Authorities in SC know that our proactive and remote IT monitoring identifies and remediates issues before they create problems and downtime.

Would you like us to do this for you too? We offer a broad range of discounted, fixed-fee technology services designed to help housing authorities meet their technology needs and stay within their budgets.

You’ll benefit from Managed IT Services that provide data protection and proactive monitoring of all key functions on your network, servers, and workstations.  It’s designed to provide you with a fixed-cost solution, predictable IT investment, and optimal productivity.

Want to slash your IT bills so you have money to provide housing for those in need? You can pay a fixed monthly fee for our services. This makes it much easier to stay on budget.

Want to save money from employing onsite IT staff that you have to manage and provide benefits for?  Our goal is to reduce your total technology costs and IT-induced stress.

Want to spend less time worrying about IT security and spend more time providing service to your citizens? We’ll ensure you can securely access your data from anywhere and at any time, make sure it’s recoverable in the event of a loss or other disaster, and protect your data and your email from cybercrime and spam.

Need help complying with the latest government IT regulations? You won’t need to worry about complying with the latest digital security regulations. When you outsource your IT care to us, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll put your mind at ease, so there are no IT worries and you can focus on your job requirements.

Have you considered migrating to the Cloud like other Housing Authorities in SC?

If you do you can save time and money on IT solutions. You can benefit from virtual servers that spin up in a fraction of the time it takes with physical server hardware.

Plus cloud services benefit your organization because you can scale your IT solutions up or down rather than being tied to on-premise servers and storage.

Whatever IT service or support your housing authority needs, the team at Cyber Solutions in Upstate South Carolina is here to help.

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