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Yealink Phone Systems (Questions & Answers)


What is Yealink? – With more than eighteen years in the market, Yealink has become one of the leading providers of VoIP Phones.  Yealink services customers in more than 100 countries and is the number one provider of VoIP phones in Europe, China. In the USA, Yealink falls to a respectable second place.

Yealink helps businesses unleash the power of real-time collaboration and get the most out of their Unified Communication (UC) experience. Yealink portfolio includes wireless DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) phones, desk IP (internet protocol) phones, conference phones, conference systems, and accessories.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones, or implement a VoIP phone system in your business, you should definitely check out Yealink products. In this article, we are going to answer six important questions about Yealink phones.

Do I need a VoIP Phone?

A study from market research firm, In-Stat, estimated that 79% of businesses used VoIP phones in 2014. If your business is one of the few that is still not using VoIP technology, you are missing some significant benefits. Businesses using VoIP have experienced savings between 10% and 50%, compared to traditional phone bills. VoIP also enables greater communication and collaboration among co-workers through the use of conferencing services or video calling.

Which Yealink Phone is right for me?

With 6 Series and 38 models, Yealink offers a phone for every business application. Which Yealink phone is better for your business? It depends on your specific requirements and your budget.

Let’s take a look at the differences in the Yealink phone Series:

Yealink Conference Series phones offer a balance between powerful features and ease of use. They deliver a smarter audio conferencing solution for businesses.

The Yealink T5 Phone Series, also known as Yealink Media Phones, is a complete, flexible, and scalable solutions that will serve almost any business well. Based on the Android Operating System, the T5 Series offers a reliable interface and a rich set of professional business functionalities including Email, Web browser, and Voice Recorder.

The Yealink T4 Phone Series offers outstanding design for users with very high expectations. The T4 Series phones are highly customizable and have an executive look and feel. They feature extra-large display screens and enhanced sound quality delivered by the Optima HD Voice System.

The Yealink T2 Phone Series combines rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface, and superb voice quality. T2 Series offers high-definition voice quality through HD handset, HD speaker, and HD codec.

Yealink’s DECT Phones are geared to bring freedom and mobility to offices and remote working environments. If you are looking for a cordless setup, this option is worth considering. A single base station can handle up to 5 cordless phones, which can be bought separately to grow your system as needed. Yealink DECT phones provide up to thirty hours of talk time and sixteen days of standby time – making them perfect for high-demand offices or call centers.

Yealink Skype for Business HD IP Phones are specially designed and tested for maximum performance and integration with Skype for Business. They are designed to increase communications productivity and to simplify technology management. Yealink Skype for Business Phones features HD voice, voice, and camera – making them the optimal choice to take full advantage of Skype features for staff collaboration.

What kind of Support does Yealink Provide?

Yealink customers enjoy prompt and professional support services. With a specialized technical support team in North America that can be easily reached through the phone, by mail, or through the Integrated Support Portal, Yealink engineers are ready to address any request you may have. The phone support can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm EST.

What if I want someone else to take care of my Yealink phones?

This is where a managed IT services provider such as Cyber Solutions Inc. comes into the picture. Managed IT services providers take care of all the implementation, integration, maintenance, management, and monitoring of VoIP systems like Yealink to free you and your staff from the hassle of dealing with vendor-provided phone support.

Why is a local managed IT services provider better suited to care for your Yealink system than the vendor-provided phone support?

Vendor help desk services – even good ones like Yealink – are focused on how their own equipment and software work. In contrast, a managed IT services provider is concerned with your IT environment as a whole. This holistic focus allows the managed IT services provider to deliver a higher level of security, integration, automation, and management across the board – including your Yealink phones.

How does Yealink compare to other VoIP phone providers?

Yealink phones are used daily by millions of people worldwide every day. They offer feature-rich products with highly competitive pricing to help businesses improve their Unified Communications platforms.

How much does a Yealink Phone cost?

One area where Yealink phones outshine the competition is pricing. Yealink phones from the T2 Series can be found for as low as $40. Phones of the T5 Series can be found for as low as $199, which is a great deal compared to similar alternatives. Phones in the Conference Series can be found for as low as $384. As you can see, there is a Yealink phone for every budget and scenario.

Why should I buy a Yealink Phone?

If you are considering the implementation of VoIP in your business or looking to upgrade your existing VoIP phones, you should definitively consider Yealink. They offer pro-business features, outstanding quality, and unbeatable pricing.

Yealink phones are feature-rich and offer competitive pricing, so you will get the best value for your investment.

Yealink phones are comparatively simple to deploy and configure. They include a set of features that allow for easy configuration:

  • mass deployment support
  • auto firmware upgrade and configuration
  • web interface for local/manual configuration

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