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Allworx Phone Systems (Questions/Answers)


The Top Benefits of Allworx Phone Systems

Answering key questions to uncover the advantages of Allworx phone solutions

Staying connected with clients and colleagues is a foundational part of every business. Having a steady line of communication is critical to maintaining business relationships, connecting with potential new clients and keeping team members connected. More and more, companies are looking for ways to optimize and better manage their approach to all kinds of business processes.

For many business owners, traditional digital phone systems have been the long-established and preferred mode of inter-office communication. However, more recent years have seen many business owners making the switch to VoIP solutions. VoIP technology allows for the consolidation of mobile and office phones to create a centralized communication network for the modern office. For many modern professionals, VoIP serves as a more efficient medium through which not only voice but also data, video, and instant messages can be transported.

First Things First: What is VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a type of communications technology that allows users to make phone calls using a broadband internet connection rather than a conventional phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and transferring it along with a broadband connection. Simply put, VoIP solutions allow users to make phone calls over the internet as opposed to using landlines as well as centralize their voice and online communication tools.

Industry Solutions Leader: Allworx VoIP Phone Systems for SMBs

When it comes to the VoIP revolution, Allworx is at the forefront of providing dynamic and efficient phone systems for the modern business. Allworx has a variety of options and has been serving professionals since 2003. The company now serves over 30,000 clients in a vast range of industries including retail, professional services, government, healthcare, and school districts.

We get questions from clients all the time about VoIP solutions and we believe strongly that Allworx has the best and most strategic phone solutions for today’s SMB. However, we thought it might be a good idea to review a few questions in hopes of uncovering the true benefits of Allworx VoIP solutions. Read on to get a better idea of how Allworx solutions could be a game-changer for your business.

  1. How will Allworx phone systems improve my bottom line?

Allworx is the industry leader in providing cost-efficient VoIP and PC network systems. They provide the absolute lowest installation costs of any other provider and continue to deliver significant monthly savings on your telecommunications costs.

Additionally, Allworx provides a variety of pricing tiers, meaning you get to customize their service offerings to meet the needs of your business. Not to mention, all the Allworx service packages come with absolutely no hidden fees, extra costs or additional charges, meaning you have a clear and consistent budget projection.

Check out some of the top pricing benefits that Allworx provides:

  • Customizable pricing tiers and service packages
  • No third-party hosting fees
  • No per-user license fees
  • No limitations on voicemail access
  • No additional charges for firewall solutions
  • No hidden connection costs

A full list of Allworx service and pricing packages and reviews can be found here.

  1. What useful features does an Allworx phone system provide?

Allworx solutions are well known as the leading telecommunications solution that has a dynamic feature set, specially designed for SMBs. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that Allworx ensures a seamless transition. Migrating to an Allworx solution can be done with zero disruption to your business operations. You keep all the things you like and get to take advantage of endless new optimizing features from Allworx.

Check out the top Allworx business benefits below:

  • Calling continues to work and appear like your traditional telephone system.
  • If desired, you can hold onto some analog lines for fax or emergency use while still using VoIP lines for operational and cost efficiency.
  • Automatic intercom abilities across your whole Allworx communications platform.
  • Dynamic and centralized voicemail capabilities, including computer access and response tools.
  • Three-way calling capabilities for every phone on the network.
  • Allworx Conference Center, which offers professional and easy-to-use conference calling capabilities from the web portal.
  • Call-Queuing capabilities
  • Intuitive and fully-integrated Allworx Call Assistant, which offers operators and receptionists the ability to managed incoming calls and track phone lines.
  • Door Speakerphone and Door Relay tools for an additional layer of office security.

These are just the basic benefits that Allworx provides. A full collection of their service capabilities can be found here.

  1. How will my team handle a transition to Allworx phone systems?

Now, despite the cost and feature benefits, there’s no denying that new technology can be intimidating. Especially when your team has gotten used to the traditional and long-used equipment. Luckily, Allworx has a reputation for offering the smoothest transition at whatever pace you see fit. In fact, Allworx has an impressively large set of traditional telephone integration capabilities. This allows your team to slowly transition from analog to VoIP and hang onto the pieces of the past you’re not ready to do away with.

Check out the leading ways Allworx ensures a smooth transition:

  • Add additional features without disruption and only when ready to use them.
  • Add and remove remote users as needed without hassle.
  • Connect multiple locations to appear as one large organization.

This means your business gets to make an investment based on cost, value, and ease of implementation – not on overwhelming change and limited comprehension. Even better? Allworx systems don’t just let you keep what you love – it makes sure you’ll love the new services too.

The new features that Allworx provides are easy-to-use, meaning implementation is a breeze. Nobody is in over their head and no time is wasted trying to convince frustrated employees. No matter the size or scope of your needs, no other telecommunications solution comes close to providing the simplicity and speed of Allworx.

Check out the top ease-of-use features that Allworx solutions provide:

  • Intuitive interface for easy system navigation and administration.
  • Quick and simple two-step process for adding site to site or remote users. (Other systems require additional investment in time, hardware, and software).
  • Allworx wizard-based installation process for streamlined installation. Quicker installation approach than any competitor, meaning your telecommunications platform could be up and running in hours as opposed to days.

Consultation & Support: Bringing in a Professional Allworx Consultant

Migration to VoIP communication solutions is becoming a no-brainer for SMBs. The benefits in terms of cost efficiency, streamlining productivity, and increased connection are undeniable. However, evaluating new technology is always an intimidating task for busy professionals. How can you ensure your business makes a smooth transition and that your operational efficiency doesn’t get lost in the technical details?

Selecting the powerhouse solutions that Allworx offers is a great first step. However, you may feel that even with these easy-to-implement solutions, you might want some additional support. We hear you. That’s why, when making the transition to Allworx, many companies work to bring in a professional IT consultant.

If your company is looking for professional Allworx consultation, a best practice is to reach out to local IT professionals for some one-on-one consultation. The key is to find a provider who will help you better understand your telecommunications needs and customize Allworx solutions to meet them. Once you have a strategic IT consultant in your corner, you’ll be benefiting from the full Allworx experience before you know it.

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