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Changing The IT Services Industry

Complete Managed IT Services is the customized solution that you need with the wide range of technology services available today.

  • Vendor Management & VCIO
  • Proactive Monitoring & Patching
  • AI Learning Antivirus
  • On-site & Remote Support 24/7
Our Process

We Help Our Clients to Achieve Their IT Goals

Our consultant will work directly with you to examine how your business functions, how your technology works for you, and provide precise recommendations for solutions that can improve your operations. We’ll develop an intimate understanding of both your business and its infrastructure to develop a strategic IT services plan that aligns with your business goals. We work for you, and you’ll always be in charge.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Budgeting Goals & Planning
  • Effective Use of Cloud Services
Client Uptime

We approach your technology
with a plan in mind

Are You Getting All You Should From Your Managed IT Services?

Basic Principals

Many organizations aren’t getting the IT services they need to succeed. Why is this? Because most IT companies here only provide a very basic and limited set of services. And, they provide these to all of their customers even though no organization has the exact same needs as the others. 

Data Driven Support

Unlike other IT companies, we provide tailored, automated, and data-driven Managed IT Services. Plus, our support includes data protection, backup, and disaster solutions and much more than you need today to safeguard your essential digital information.

Did you know that many Managed IT Service Providers don’t use automated, data-driven strategies that can increase their efficiencies, productivity, and security? We do.  And with it, we can monitor your IT system 24/7, fix issues before you even know there’s a problem, and detect intrusions. Imagine having a Warrior on-call at all times to block cyber-thieves so they can’t get inside and steal your data. Everything is secure and your IT system is free from viruses.

We actively manage IT security threats so you can work efficiently and sleep peacefully knowing your critical data remains safe.

And, when your competitors or other businesses in the area are shut down due to a fierce summer storm, you’ll be a step ahead with 99.9% uptime from our disaster preparedness and recovery solution.

We’ll not only manage, maintain, and protect the entirety of your IT infrastructure; we offer this for a very affordable monthly fee.

Helping Scale Your Business

If you run a small or mid-sized organization, you may have between 10 and 200 users accessing your system. You’re may also be on a strict budget and always looking for ways to improve your financial standing. You don’t need to waste money on unnecessary solutions or suffer from slow-running computers that waste your employees’ hours on the job. We’ll work with you to determine what your particular IT pain points are and customize a management and maintenance plan to alleviate them.

While other techs offer their cookie-cutter managed services, we sit down with you and discuss your goals and requirements to design the most Complete Managed IT Services and Support Plan. Your plan will align with your business operations and strategic objectives. We create specific plans designed with both your short-and long-term goals in mind. We believe this strategy will enhance your company’s productivity, efficiency, and security.

We know that your business evolves and changes. Your IT requirements do too. We won’t set a plan in place and forget you.

Enterprise Products

Office 365 Experts

Hire a trusted Microsoft expert that can setup and train you on the powerful tools Office 365 has to offer. (Teams, Sharepoint, Azure)

XDR Antivirus

XDR that is autonomous is the only form of defense to detect threats faster, greater scale, and higher accuracy than humanly possible.

Application Whitelisting

Ringfencing each individual endpoint for maximum containment and protection against ransomware attacks.

Phishing Education

Continuing education exceeds past your day to day business. Run test and campaigns to keep your staff on high alert.