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Strategic Technology That Improves Business Outcomes


Cyber Solutions is a strategic technology partner for organizations throughout SC.  We meet with our clients’ leadership teams to craft IT solutions that increase efficiencies, productivity, and communication capabilities so they can meet the needs of their customers. In the end, it’s not about the work we do, it’s about making sure technology improves business outcomes.

Technology has changed the way businesses operate. From mobile solutions to cloud computing, unless you have strategic support from a technology partner who practices IT business alignment, you won’t get 100% from your technology.

However, IT business alignment is easier said than done. There must be a harmony between your technology solutions and your business plan. This includes more than just setting up an IT infrastructure to keep everything running and secure. For the two plans to converge effectively, you need to have customized IT solutions that support your objectives.

The Right Technology Tools

IT business alignment focuses on your organization’s needs and goals and how to best use technology to meet them. As your Strategic IT Partner, we view technology as a tool to help you reach your end goals. We know that unless you have the right tools in your “toolbox,” your staff is wasting time and you’re wasting money. We’ll make sure your technology and business strategies are complementary and support each other.

Our Strategic Process

Technology is a strategic capability to be used and integrated into planning and processes. We’ll work with you to determine how technology will help you achieve your business priorities. We prepare guidelines and policies that support your vision with the right IT solutions for your business objectives.

With our reliable services, managed IT support, backup and recovery, and network security you’ll have the foundation you need to meet your goals. But there are many other things to consider in order to accomplish the job. We work to pinpoint the specific technologies that will work best.

An effective IT plan considers people, staffing, partnerships, organizational changes, and the governance required to achieve your business outcomes.

To do this we’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of both your business and your technology infrastructure.
  • Analyze any inefficiencies in your existing IT infrastructure and consolidate resources and operations to promote considerable financial savings.
  • Advise on organizational IT design and replace outmoded processes so you can pursue market opportunities and overcome business challenges.
  • Develop a plan that aligns with your budget.
  • Assist with IT budgeting and cost control strategies to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Effectively incorporate technology into your operational processes and ensure security at all times.
  • Continually identify and evaluate the impacts of technology decisions.
  • Conduct ongoing evaluations to assess how technology affects performance metrics.
  • Deliver monthly updates to your management, provide quarterly IT summaries that reveal the condition of each component of your network, and prepare other reports as required.
  • Provide procurement assistance to ensure you get the best prices on hardware and software.

What’s In Our Technology Toolbox?

As your Strategic Technology Partner, we can help you choose the right tools to ensure reliability, efficiency, productivity, security, and support to help improve your business outcomes. We’ll customize a Managed IT Service Plan for you that will include a mix and match of solutions that align with your goals.


This includes risk assessments, data protection, and security awareness training. In addition, we consider any third-party security practices to ensure maximum security and protection. With 24 x 7 diagnostic monitoring of your network, we will identify risks, quantify attacks, and block them. This is especially important if you must comply with government or industry regulations.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity ensure you can recover your data if your network is shut down or compromised. Both involve the process of backing up data and establishing policies and procedures to implement in the event of a disaster. We’ll confirm your business can stay up and running no matter what.

Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Virtualization

Cloud computing and virtualization provide fast and scalable resources, applications, and services. They will simplify your IT environment and promote efficiency. Cloud services are accessed via the Internet from our cloud provider’s servers and replace your company’s on-premises servers. This way, you and your staff can access your IT assets from wherever you are. We create a virtual server where you can benefit from using virtual desktops, storage devices, applications, and computer network resources.  We can virtualize your entire IT infrastructure or parts of it.

Mobile Solutions

Today’s business world is a mobile one. The right mobility solutions will ensure secure and simple access to your data, tools, and applications from any location. We’ll help you choose the mobile devices and applications that will promote your business objectives, ensure your mobile workforce is productive, and your data is secure.

Data and Voice Communications

Data communications refer to the electronic transmission of information for storage and processing, while voice communications refer to systems such as mobile devices and VoIP systems. We’ll ensure you use communication solutions that keep your business connected and information secure.

Responsive Content Website Design and Management

Your organization needs a professionally designed website. It’s the door to your business. We can design one that attracts visitors, is easy to navigate, and keeps them reading so they’ll contact you for your services.

Email & Website Hosting

Our Email & Web Hosting Service is available for a fixed, monthly fee that saves you money while still providing an exceptional server environment. With 24 x 7 monitoring and tech support, if an issue occurs, we’ll apply corrective measures immediately. We can eliminate the chance of website or email downtime.

We have many more tools to choose from. But you can’t do this on your own. To select the right technology solutions that align with your objectives and improve your business outcomes, you need an experienced strategic technology partner.

Cyber Solutions will be your trusted IT Partner. We’ll help improve your business flow with the right technology.

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