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Do you wonder if your employees are actually working when they’re working from home, or if you’re just paying them for hours spent binge-watching the latest release on Netflix?

Have you found yourself having to quarantine at home for a while and wondering if your staff is slacking off now that the boss is gone? Are they actually working or are they using company time to plan their next family reunion, look for their next job, gamble, or access adult content?

Are you wondering what the heck the employees in the other building do all day? I mean, you pay them really well for their time, but what are they doing all day?

Do you have employees who spend a lot of time messaging people? Do you wonder if it is work-related or if they are using company time to constantly keep in touch with friends? Or are they reaching out to co-workers because they need help with projects they’re working on… so maybe what they really need is better training? Or maybe they’ve mastered the art of effective collaboration?

Do you wish you had a digital surveillance camera on the devices you issue to your employees?

Do you ever wonder what would happen in the case of a harassment or wrongful termination investigation? Would you have the necessary paper trail to prove, or disprove, the allegations?

Do you worry about protecting proprietary company information or client information?

Given the dramatic increase in people working from home these days we have added a new product to our offerings. The product is called Total Efficiency.


How Does It Work?

Total Efficiency is a piece of software that gets loaded on employee workstations and devices. It has the flexibility to track employee efficiency in almost any way you can imagine. And it generates reports so you can see what’s really going on with your remote employees or your “other building” employees.

What can it do?

The software has the ability to log all web site visits, emails, instant messages, cloud logins, and files or documents that have been downloaded or accessed. And it’s fully customizable so you can flag content specific to your industry or a specific team.

Daily Activity Detail Example

Can I load it in stealth mode?

Yes, pushing the software out to all your company owned devices is easily done remotely, so there’s no lost time involved in having to capture all your devices and physically load the software on to the device. Installation is easy and done remotely. And yes, it runs invisibly in the background.

How do I deal with employees who feel this is an invasion of their privacy?

The software is of great benefit to employees as well. Reports and information can be used to reward employees when it’s time for reviews. And who doesn’t like a boost in pay, right? Some companies also do friendly productivity competitions and challenges with rewards for the most efficient employees.

Should I let my employees know that our company is using the Total Efficiency product?

Honesty is always the best policy. Contact Cyber Solutions for more information on how we can help you draft a Device and Internet Use Policy that discloses to your employees that you use employee monitoring software to help increase and reward productivity, prevent data breaches, protect employees, devices, and company assets in order to ensure transparency and trust.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Contact your Project Manager at Cyber Solutions to get started. If you are new to Cyber Solutions, contact us directly and we’ll get you where you need to be. 864.224.0008

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