Who’s Your Trusted IT Partner

You Deserve A Trusted IT Partner Who Provides The Value And Customized Technology Service Your Business Requires

Cybersolutions specializes in custom-developed managed IT services and support that’s always scaled to meet your organization’s unique needs. Others claim to provide this, but don’t follow through. We believe that your technology should work the way you need it to and we stand behind every promise.

Trust between your business and your IT service provider is key to developing a sound relationship. But what does trust actually mean? 

According to a ComptTIA survey of 600 small and mid-sized businesses, lack of trust was noted as a reason for businesses to have second thoughts about engaging third-party firms to manage their operations. 38% of respondents said they had considered managed services, but had reservations about the costs and execution.

Trust Is An Asset That We Work To Earn Every Day

We know that building trust in a relationship begins on day one. Whether we take care of your issues on site or remotely, we’ll get to the root of problems and solve them for good. Rather than the Band-Aid approach that break-fix techs provide, our IT Managed Services ensure you only pay one monthly fee to keep your network and computers running as they should. We believe in fixing things right the first time. It’s simply easier and more expedient for both of us.

You Can Trust That We’ll Provide The Value You Deserve

When running a business, we know that every moment and dollar counts; and that you don’t have the time or resources to waste on IT solutions that don’t work. An interruption in server access or loss of important data costs valuable time and money. Outsourcing technology management to IT professionals like Cybersolutions protects your business against IT issues that can decrease your productivity and profits.

You Can Always Count On Our Professionals To Provide

Cost-Effective Technical Service & Support so you’ll consistently have an expert on hand to assist no matter the day or time. You’ll have access to technical services from on-site visits to remote monitoring, cloud migration to vulnerability assessments, and everything in between. We’ll work with you and your staff to provide customized technology solutions that best support your organizational mission and align with your budgetary requirements.

Reliable Backups and Disaster Recovery so your data is always secure and recoverable no matter what. You never know when you may need to recover your data, whether it’s from an accidental deletion or a disaster that destroys it. But, before you start worrying about a flood in South Carolina, know that we’ll put together a comprehensive disaster plan. We utilize failover techniques that allow you and your employees to access your business data from anywhere you have a computer device and internet connection. If needed, you can run your network from any location.

Custom Designed Cloud Services that enhance your capability to communicate, collaborate, access your data, stay productive, lower IT costs, and safeguard your data. Expand your company’s capabilities and efficiencies without the need to purchase or maintain costly hardware. With our enterprise-level cloud service, you can eliminate expensive operating costs and lower your overall IT expenses. With your servers and data housed in our secure and expertly managed data center, you’re assured that your digital files will always be accessible. And, we can advise you on cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 that will increase your staff’s productivity and ability to collaborate in real time.

When we migrate your technology infrastructure to the Cloud, you can know that we’ll do it right the first time. This will enhance your capability to communicate, collaborate, access your data, and stay productive. Lower your IT costs while safeguarding your confidential data.

Preparing For The Worst

Our approach is proactive rather than reactive. We focus on disaster avoidance, but we understand that sometimes disasters cannot be avoided. We work to ensure that your business operations can continue no matter what. You’ll always have secure remote access to your digital files.

Speaking Of Security

Do you trust your current IT company to do the following?
  • Determine if the security controls in your company’s IT system are effective?
  • Take action to correct deficiencies and reduce or eliminate any vulnerability in your systems?
  • Monitor your systems 24 x 7 to detect and block intrusions?
  • Develop, document, and update your IT Security Plan that includes system boundaries, operations, and implementation?
  • Do they consider the security of your digital assets in relation to other systems you access?

Best Practices

All of our operations are based on best practices that produce quality, efficiency, and the value you deserve for your IT investment. We continually review and assess the success of our procedures and decisions just like you would for your business. We update them along the way to ensure that you continually have the best IT quality, service, and support.

Trust the team at Cybersolutions to do all this and much more. We specialize in delivering the latest and most effective technologies and services that businesses like yours in South Caroline deserve.

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